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The NCAA News Digest

October 26, 1998


1. Football 971,335

2. Basketball 544,463

3. Track (outdoor) 471,175

4. Baseball 449,897

5. Soccer 309,484

6. Wrestling 229,176

7. Cross country 178,672

8. Golf 159,501

9. Tennis 137,827

10. Swimming 83,781

1. Basketball 454,000

2. Track (outdoor) 395,955

3. Volleyball 373,219

4. Softball 333,374

5. Soccer 246,687

6. Tennis 151,539

7. Cross country 150,846

8. Swimming 126,062

9. Comp. spirit squads 58,737

10. Field hockey 56,589

Participation in high-school athletics programs has increased for the ninth consecutive year, according to an annual survey conducted by the National Federation of State High School Associations. In 1997-98, participation in high-school athletics was 6,352,775, an increase of 157,528 from the previous year. It is the second-highest total ever. Participation for girls is at a record level at 2,570,333, an increase of 98,290. Boys' participation also is up, standing at 3,763,120.


1999 regional seminars scheduled for three sites

NCAA regional rules-compliance seminars have been scheduled for three sites in April and May of 1999.

The dates and sites are:

April 21-23: Grand Hyatt Hotel, Atlanta.

May 5-7: Westin Hotel, Indianapolis.

May 19-21: Marriott Hotel, Newport Beach, California.

Staff contact: Carolayne Henry.


Video conference scheduled for November 12

The NCAA membership services staff will conduct a video conference for Divisions I and II athletics administrators and coaches November 12 to review the fall Management Council meetings, to discuss proposed and current legislation, and to address other topics of interest.

The video conference will be conducted from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Central time.

Materials for the video conference are located on NCAA Online at Those interested should click on membership info, then the November 12, 1998, video conference.

A question-and-answer format will be built into the program. The call-in number will be 800/289-0437.

NCAA staff members on the video conference will be Stephen A. Mallonee, director of membership services; Robin J. Green, assistant chief of staff for Division I; Mike L. Racy, assistant chief of staff for Division II; David W. Schnase, coordinator of legislation II; and Delise S. O'Meally, membership services representative.

The satellite coordinates are Telstar 5, transponder 17 (C-Band Satellite). The video conference can be accessed only by a steerable or moveable satellite dish. It is not available through Primestar, DirecTV or other such services.

Those who require assistance with the satellite transmission may call the troubleshooting numbers at 816/753-0020 or 816/753-6217.

Staff contact: Elizabeth Muir.


NACWAA passes resolution regarding Smith v. NCAA case

The National Association of Collegiate Women Athletic Administrators (NACWAA) approved a resolution at its recent fall meeting pertaining to the NCAA's appeal of Smith v. NCAA.

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear the Association's appeal in that case, which involves whether the NCAA receives federal funds because it receives dues payments from institutions that receive federal funds.

The resolution states:

"(NACWAA) is concerned that the NCAA appeal of the Smith lawsuit decision is being construed as opposition to the principles and implementation of Title IX.

"While NACWAA would have preferred that the Smith decision not be appealed by the NCAA, we are willing to accept the rationale given for the appeal if we can be reassured that the NCAA remains totally committed to the principles and full enforcement of Title IX.

"In that spirit, we heartily endorse the decision of NCAA presidents through their Ad Hoc Committee to Review Diversity Issues to request the NCAA to conduct a gender-equity and diversity audit on the services and benefits provided by the NCAA to male and female student-athletes. Further, we strongly endorse the committee's request to receive a list of recommendations by January 1999 which, when approved and implemented, will ensure the provision of equal opportunities for all student-athletes in the immediate future.

"Additionally, NACWAA lauds the NCAA Executive Committee for its stated commitment to achieve equitable opportunities in the NCAA regardless of the outcome of the Smith v. NCAA appeal. NACWAA stands ready to assist the committee in its efforts."


Kentucky high schools allow shared use of "Sweet 16"

The Kentucky High School Athletic Assoc-iation (KHSAA) has entered into an agreement with the NCAA to allow the Association a shared use of the trademarks "Sweet Sixteen" and "Sweet 16."

The marks have been used by the KHSAA since 1988, and the KHSAA is the owner of registrations for those trademarks. The agreement allows the NCAA use of the marks in connection with its intercollegiate athletic events. The KHSAA still controls exclusive use of the marks on the interscholastic level and remains the sole owner of the marks.

In another trademark issue, member institutions have learned that the rights to the phrase "Midnight Madness" are owned by a man in Prairie Village, Kansas.

According to the Kansas City Star, an attorney for Bernie Morgan recently sent letters to about 350 colleges warning them about infringing upon his registered mark.


Virginia's Boutilier chosen as NCAA Woman of the Year

Peggy Boutilier, a lacrosse and field hockey standout from the University of Virginia, has been chosen as the 1998 NCAA Woman of the Year.

The award, presented by Rawlings, honors academic and athletics excellence, as well as community service and leadership.

Boutlier was chosen from more than 400 nominees. A special selection committee chose 51 state winners (including the District of Columbia) and narrowed that field to 10 finalists. Boutlier and the other state winners and finalists were recognized at an October 18 dinner in Indianapolis.

Staff contact: Janet M. Justus.