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Lopiano leaves sports foundation post

Aug 27, 2007 4:18:36 PM

The NCAA News

Donna Lopiano has resigned her post as chief executive officer of the Women’s Sports Foundation.

During her tenure, Lopiano secured funds that enabled the foundation to award more than $14 million in cash grants and free education curricula, affecting the lives of more than one million young women.

Additionally, Lopiano expanded the foundation’s endowment to $4 million, oversaw the development of educational programs and built an internationally renowned research and public policy organization.

Before arriving at the Women’s Sports Foundation in 1992, Lopiano spent 18 years at the helm of the University of Texas at Austin women’s athletics program.

One of the NCAA’s most influential student-athletes, Lopiano was a four-sport standout during her time at South­ern Connecticut State University.

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