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WBCA ‘green’ plan lets staff telecommute

Aug 8, 2008 9:08:41 AM

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Women’s Basketball Coaches Association President Sherri Coale and the WBCA Board of Directors have approved an environmentally friendly plan that includes telecommuting for WBCA staff members.

The organization’s “green” plan includes allowing staff members to telecommute every Friday between June and November. WBCA CEO Beth Bass said the office will run as usual, with all WBCA having e-mail and phone access. One WBCA staff member will also be onsite each Friday.

In a six-month span, Bass said, the effort will save each WBCA staff member an average of 22.75 hours in commute time and $115 in gas. The WBCA will also save 8,632 pounds of CO2 from being released in the air, she said.

“The WBCA hopes to lead the way for other sports associations in going green. With the current economic state, we feel that this effort will not only benefit the environment, but is the right thing to do,” Bass said.

Other internal plans include the greening of the WBCA office, Bass said. That effort includes:

• Purchasing recycled products

• Reducing the amount of printed copies

• Using mugs instead of plastic cups

• Using filtered drinking water instead of bottled water

• Using silverware instead of plastic utensils

• Re-using file folders and other office supplies as much as possible

• Unplugging computers and appliances when not in use

• Purchasing energy-efficient light bulbs

• Purchasing toilets that conserve up to 75 percent water per flush

• Turning off lights when leaving a room

• Using nontoxic cleaning products

• Recycling toner and ink cartridges

• Recycling cans, aluminum, glass, plastic and cardboard in addition to paper

The WBCA also is considering how to push the initiative to external constituents. Some of these plans include creating a green page on, adding taglines to e-mails to increase awareness, reducing the number of printouts at WBCA events, reducing the number of hard mailings, and providing green tips in all WBCA online and print publications. The WBCA will now be considered a partner with the Clean Air Campaign.

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