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‘Photo finish’ decides wrestling crown - Wrestling
Mar 17, 2008 8:45:11 AM

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Photo finishes usually are reserved for racing. But that’s the best way to describe the final outcome of the Division II Wrestling Championships March 8 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The burden of having the team title settled in the final match fell on the shoulders of Nebraska-Kearney heavyweight Tervel Dlagnev, who was well aware of what was at stake when he took the mat.

Dlagnev’s come-from-behind 4-1 victory over Central Oklahoma’s Dustin Finn gave Nebraska-Kearney a final total of 108.5 points, which was just good enough to edge runner-up Minnesota State-Mankato by a half point in the final standings.

Dlagnev, a four-time all-American, told the assembled media how he embraced the pressure of securing the program’s first Division II national championship.

“I liked that the team title was up to me to get. That's why I wrestle ... for the team,” said Dlagnev, who won his second consecutive heavyweight individual championship. “I trained for situations like that. I was totally comfortable with it. I had no fear.”
After trailing, 1-0, in the second period, Dlagnev tied the match when Finn was called twice for stalling.

Dlagnev, who won the last 70 matches of his college career, took the lead by easily escaping at the start of the third period then he recorded a late takedown to secure the victory.

Nebraska-Kearney’s Brett Allgood contributed to the team title by capturing his second straight Division II 133-pound individual crown. Winning is something Allgood is accustomed to. He won four state titles in high school, and added an individual national title in junior college.

“Of all the things I've won in my wrestling career, this second NCAA national title means the most to me,” he said. “I wanted to go out with a bang.”

Minnesota State-Mankato’s Jason Rhoten (157) and Andy Pickar (165) won their weight classes to give the Mavericks the lead in the overall team race.

In Pickar's 8-2 victory in the 165-pound final, he almost earned bonus points late in the third period as the referee counted for back points. The official counted one before the final buzzer sounded. Had he got to two, Pickar would have won by major decision, and Mankato would have won the team title by a half point.

null“I've never seen anything like it,” Minnesota State-Mankato coach Jim Makovsky told the Cedar Rapids Gazette. “It came down to a million things.”

The Antelopes won the team title with eight of their nine qualifiers earning all-American honors. This included capturing four third-place finishes.

“It’s the small things that make a huge difference,” said Nebraska-Kearney coach Mike Bauer.

Especially in a photo finish.


Team results

1. Neb.-Kearney, 108 1/2; 2. Minn. St Mankato, 108; 3. Neb.-Omaha, 93 1/2; 4. Pitt.-Johnstown, 87; 5. Adams St., 68 1/2; 6. Central Okla., 65; 7. Western St., 64 1/2; 8. Newberry, 39 1/2; 9. Chadron St. and Mercyhurst, 31; 11. Ashland, 28 1/2; 12. St. Cloud St., 27 1/2; 13. Findlay, 26 1/2; 14. Upper Iowa, 25 1/2; 15. Limestone, 24 1/2; 16. Shippensburg, 19; 17. Augustana (S.D.) and West Liberty St., 18 1/2; 19. Wis.-Parkside, 17; 20. Indianapolis and Truman, 16 1/2; 22. San Fran. St., 15; 23. Mary, 13; 24. Fort Hays St., 10; 25. UNC Pembroke, 8 1/2; 26. Gannon, 8; 27. Minn. St. Moorhead, 5 1/2; 28. N.M. Highlands, 5; 29. Central Mo. and Northern St., 4 1/2; 31. Belmont Abbey, 1 1/2; 32. Carson-Newman, Grand Canyon, Kutztown, Mesa St., SIU Edwardsville, and Southwest Minn. St., 0.


Individual champions

125 — Cody Garcia, Neb.-Omaha, def. Nick Smith, Minn. St. Mankato, 8-2

133 — Brett Allgood, Neb.-Kearney, def. Shane Perkey, Indianapolis, 5-3

141 — Kyle Evans, Central Okla., def. Steven Fittery, Shippensburg, 3-2

149 — Todd Meneely, Neb.-Omaha, def. Camille DuPont, Western St., 9-3

157 — Jason Rhoten, Minn. St. Mankato, def. Antonio Guerra, Findlay, 3-2

165 — Andy Pickar, Minn. St. Mankato, def. Hudson Harrison, Mercyhurst, 8-2

174 — Albert Miles, Pitt.-Johnstown, def. Ross Taplin, Neb.-Omaha, 5-2

184 — Daniel Scanlan, Limestone, def. Mike Corcetti, Pitt.-Johnstown, 5-2

197 — Josh Majerus, Chadron St., def. Donovan McMahill, Western St., 8-3

Heavyweight — Tervel Dlagnev, Neb.-Kearney, def. Dustin Finn, Central Okla., 4-1.



Individual results

125-pound class

Main bracket

First round: Eddie Lopez, Western St., def. Joseph Mavins, UNC Pembroke, 11-6; Nick Smith, Minn. St. Mankato, def. Robert Nahlik, Truman, 7-4; Arsenia Barksdale, Adams St., def. Christopher Neidermeier, Belmont Abbey, 3-1; Tyler Mumbulo, Indianapolis, def. Caleb Hulse, Central Mo., 8-0; Chas Welch, Northern St., def. Cody Zimmerman, Wis.-Parkside, 7-3; Devlon Webb, Chadron St., def. Matthew Oliver, Newberry, 7-5; Cody Garcia, Neb.-Omaha, pinned Kody Pierson, Carson-Newman, 1:09; Curtis Schurkamp, San Fran. St., def. Lucas Huffman, West Liberty St., 7-4.

Quarterfinals: Smith def. Lopez, 12-6; Mumbulo def. Barksdale, 8-6; Webb def. Welch, 8-6; Garcia pinned Schurkamp, 1:40.

Semifinals: Smith def. Mumbulo, 12-9; Garcia pinned Webb, 2:04.

Final: Garcia def. Smith, 8-2.



First round: Mavins def. Nahlik, 10-4; Neidermeier def. Hulse, 3-2; Zimmerman def. Oliver, 12-7; Huffman def. Pierson, 4-3.

Second round: Schurkamp def. Mavins, 7-3; Welch def. Neidermeier, 4-3; Barksdale def. Zimmerman, 16-10; Lopez def. Huffman, 9-7 (sudden victory).

Third round: Schurkamp def. Welch, 7-2; Barksdale def. Lopez, 10-4.

Semifinals: Schurkamp def. Mumbulo, 9-6; Barksdale def. Webb, 4-1.

Third place: Schurkamp def. Barksdale, 9-8.

Fifth place: Webb def. Mumbulo, 11-5.

Seventh place: Lopez def. Welch, 5-0.


133-pound class

Main bracket

First round: Brandon Reasy, Pitt.-Johnstown, def. Kent Pierson, Carson-Newman, 5-1; Raymond Dunning, Adams St., pinned Josh Williams, St. Cloud St., 4:28; Shane Perkey, Indianapolis, def. Corey Bowers, Gannon, 11-7; Jesse Cruz, Western St., pinned Jason Jeremiason, Augustana (S.D.), 2:48; John Putman, Minn. St. Mankato, def. Jimmy Savala, Chadron St., 18-3 (technical fall, 7:00); Andrew Young, Newberry, def. Craig DeGreef, Wis.-Parkside, 4-2 (sudden victory); Brett Allgood, Neb.-Kearney, def. Mario Morgan, Neb.-Omaha, 12-6; Tim Elliott, Central Okla., pinned Matt Mossor, West Liberty St., 4:05.

Quarterfinals: Reasy pinned Dunning, 6:22; Perkey def. Cruz, 6-4; Putman def. Young, 3-2; Allgood def. Elliott, 9-5.

Semifinals: Perkey def. Reasy, 11-3; Allgood def. Putman, 3-1.

Final: Allgood def. Perkey, 5-3.



First round: Williams def. Pierson, 4-3; Jeremiason pinned Bowers, 4:11; DeGreef def. Savala, 15-10; Morgan def. Mossor, 7-4.

Second round: Elliott def. Williams, 11-6; Young def. Jeremiason, 5-2; DeGreef def. Cruz, 13-8; Dunning def. Morgan, 9-5.

Third round: Elliott def. Young, 16-2; Dunning pinned DeGreef, 3:55.

Semifinals: Reasy pinned Elliott, 1:09; Dunning def. Putman, 7-6.

Third place: Dunning pinned Reasy, 4:01.

Fifth place: Elliott def. Putman, 9-0.

Seventh place: Young def. DeGreef, 5-3.


141-pound class

Main bracket

First round: Steven Fittery, Shippensburg, pinned Jay Sherer, Augustana (S.D.), 1:55; Josh Hensley, def. Joshua Falk, Findlay, 7-4; Shane Valko, Pitt.-Johnstown, def. Travis Elg, Minn. St. Mankato, 7-6; Kyle Francis, Western St., pinned Kyle Kanaga, Ashland, 6:20; Jeff Rutledge, Neb.-Kearney, def. Cory Bloodgood, Central Mo., 8-3; Yaslim Bribieseca, Neb.-Omaha, def. Tony Washington, Newberry, 5-3 (sudden victory); Kyle Evans, Central Okla., def. James Annon, Fort Hays St., 4-0; Doug Surra, West Liberty St., pinned Gabriel Suarez, St. Cloud St., 2:56.

Quarterfinals: Fittery pinned Hensley, 3:44; Valko pinned Francis, 0:30; Rutledge def. Bribieseca, 2-1; Evans def. Surra, 1-0.

Semifinals: Fittery def. Valko, 6-1; Evans def. Rutledge, 4-1.

Final: Evans def. Fittery, 3-2.



First round: Falk def. Sherer, 6-4 (sudden victory); Elg pinned Kanaga, 6:09; Washington def. Bloodgood, 16-3; Annon def. Suarez, 9-5.

Second round: Surra def. Falk, 8-3; Elg pinned Bribieseca, 3:48; Francis def. Washington, 6-5; Annon def. Hensley, 15-14.

Third round: Elg def. Surra, 16-5; Annon def. Francis, 12-3.

Semifinals: Valko def. Elg, 3-1; Rutledge def. Annon, 10-3.

Third place: Rutledge def. Valko, 4-3.

Fifth place: Annon def. Elg, 6-4.

Seventh place: Surra pinned Francis, 4:58.

149-pound class

Main bracket

First round: Joshua Nolan, San Fran. St., def. Brian Pogel, Mercyhurst, 10-8; Colby Robinson, Central Okla., def. Monterrious Adams, Indianapolis, 9-4; Camille DuPont, Western St., def. Kayne Melko, West Liberty St., 2-0; Tommy Abbott, Minn. St. Mankato, def. Chad Woods, Indianapolis, 7-2; Mike Long, Augustana (S.D.), def. Marcus Gordon, Ashland, 5-4; Joseph Deaguero, Adams St., def. Latra Collick, Newberry, 8-0; Todd Meneely, Neb.-Omaha, pinned Sean Dong, Findlay, 1:21; Ryan Etherton, Neb.-Kearney, def. Zack McKendree, Gannon, 3-0.

Quarterfinals: Robinson pinned Nolan, 4:34; DuPont def. Abbott, 16-4; Deaguero pinned Long, 1:36; Meneely def. Etherton, 6-1.

Semifinals: DuPont pinned Robinson, 2:59; Meneely def. Deaguero, 9-6.

Final: Meneely def. DuPont, 9-3.



First round: Pogel def. Adams, 5-2; Melko def. Woods, 11-9; Collick pinned Gordon, 0:46; McKendree def. Dong, 7-2.

Second round: Etherton def. Pogel, 10-1; Long def. Melko, 8-4; Abbott def. Collick, 5-4; McKendree def. Nolan, 21-4 (technical fall, 4:54).

Third round: Etherton pinned Long, 0:25; Abbott def. McKendree, 5-4.

Semifinals: Etherton pinned Robinson, 4:12; Deaguero pinned Abbott, 0:52.

Third place: Etherton def. Deaguero, 4-2.

Fifth place: Abbott def. Robinson, 6-1.

Seventh place: McKendree def. Long, 8-3.


157-pound class

Main bracket

First round: Andy Lamancusa, Mercyhurst, def. Eric Pretto, SIU Edwardsville, 5-2; Travis Eggers, Indianapolis, def. Neil Samples, Western St., 7-4; Antonio Guerra, Findlay, def. David Zeek, Kutztown, 11-1; Noomis Jones, Adams St., def. John Sundgren, St. Cloud St., 12-2; Jason Rhoten, Minn. St. Mankato, pinned Danny Grater, Fort Hays St., 4:37; Phil Bliss, Belmont Abbey, def. Vince Bertucci, Central Mo., 9-4; Henry Wahle, Neb.-Omaha, def. Joe Ellenberger, Neb.-Kearney, 5-3; Muhammed Abdur-Rahman, Ashland, def. Daniel Nauman, Shippensburg, 5-3 (sudden victory).

Quarterfinals: Eggers def. Lamancusa, 15-1; Guerra def. Jones, 3-2; Rhoten pinned Bliss, 4:10; Abdur-Rahman def. Wahle, 6-4 (sudden victory).

Semifinals: Guerra def. Eggers, 4-1; Rhoten def. Abdur-Rahman, 6-2.

Final: Rhoten def. Guerra, 3-2.



First round: Samples def. Pretto, 3-2; Sundgren def. Zeek, 10-9; Grater def. Bertucci, 4-2 (sudden victory); Ellenberger def. Nauman, 10-3.

Second round: Samples def. Wahle, 3-1; Sundgren pinned Bliss, 0:21; Jones def. Grater, 3-2; Ellenberger def. Lamancusa, 11-3.

Third round: Samples def. Sundgren, 3-2; Ellenberger def. Jones, 8-3.

Semifinals: Eggers def. Samples, 4-1; Ellenberger def. Abdur-Rahman, 10-8 (sudden victory).

Third place: Ellenberger def. Eggers, 2-1 (tiebreaker).

Fifth place: Samples def. Abdur-Rahman, 8-0.

Seventh place: Jones def. Sundgren, 15-2.


165-pound class

Main bracket

First round: Kyle Keane, Pitt.-Johnstown, def. Thomas Anderson, St. Cloud St., 6-0; Brett Hunter, Chadron St., def. Justin Shannon, Findlay, 4-3; Andy Pickar, Minn. St. Mankato, pinned Jacob Wilson, Shippensburg, 6:00; Blake Peterson, Truman, pinned Keenan McCurdy, Neb.-Kearney, 5:31; Zachary Lee, Western St., def. Jesse Sheets, Central Mo., 16-0 (technical fall, 6:11); J.J. Davis, UNC Pembroke, def. Mitch Norton, Indianapolis, 7-5; Kyle Becker, Wis.-Parkside, def. Cole Johnson, Mesa St., 6-3; Hudson Harrison, Mercyhurst, def. Aaron Denson, Neb.-Omaha, 13-6.

Quarterfinals: Keane def. Hunter, 8-4; Pickar def. Peterson, 9-1; Davis def. Lee, 10-4; Harrison def. Becker, 6-4.

Semifinals: Pickar def. Keane, 8-3; Harrison pinned Davis, 4:53.

Final: Pickar def. Harrison, 8-2.



First round: Shannon def. Anderson, 3-1; McCurdy def. Wilson, 9-2; Norton pinned Sheets, 1:47; Denson def. Johnson, 11-4.

Second round: Becker def. Shannon, 4-2; McCurdy def. Lee, 5-2; Peterson def. Norton, 10-6; Denson def. Hunter, 10-0.

Third round: Becker def. McCurdy, 10-4; Peterson def. Denson, 11-4.

Semifinals: Keane pinned Becker, 2:55; Peterson pinned Davis, 1:08.

Third place: Peterson def. Keane, 10-6.

Fifth place: Becker pinned Davis, 6:27.

Seventh place: Denson def. McCurdy, 3-0.


174-pound class

Main bracket

First round: Albert Miles, Pitt.-Johnstown, def. Jesse Feinsod, N.M. Highlands, 3-1; Tim Matheson, Minn. St. Mankato, def. Jeffery Havelka, Findlay, 11-2; Kamarudeen Usman, Neb.-Kearney, def. Chris Gibbs, West Liberty St., 10-0; Tyler Tubbs, Minn. St. Moorhead, def. Travis Barbarick, Central Mo., 7-5; Corey Van Groll, Wis.-Parkside, def. Derek Skala, St. Cloud St., 5-2; Josh Shields, Mercyhurst, def. Blake Malloy, Fort Hays St., 6-5 (tiebreaker), Ross Taplin, Neb.-Omaha, def. Justin Ferguson, Ashland, 4-2; Bryant Blanton, Newberry, def. Evan Copeland, Adams St., (by default).

Quarterfinals: Miles def. Matheson, 3-2; Usman def. Tubbs, 7-5 (sudden victory); Shields def. Van Groll, 4-2 (tiebreaker); Taplin def. Blanton, 5-3.

Semifinals: Miles def. Usman, 6-2; Taplin def. Shields, 5-3.

Final: Miles def. Taplin, 5-2.



First round: Feinsod def. Havelka, 9-2; Gibbs def. Barbarick, 3-1; Skala def. Malloy, 4-3; Ferguson def. Copeland, 8-4.

Second round: Feinsod def. Blanton, 11-3; Gibbs def. Van Groll, 5-1; Tubbs def. Skala, 8-4; Ferguson def. Matheson, 6-4 (sudden victory).

Third round: Gibbs def. Feinsod, 6-4; Ferguson def. Tubbs, 9-6.

Semifinals: Usman def. Gibbs, 4-1; Shields def. Ferguson, 5-4.

Third place: Usman def. Shields, 3-2.

Fifth place: Ferguson def. Gibbs, 7-4.

Seventh place: Tubbs def. Feinsod, 6-5.


184-pound class

Main bracket

First round: Daniel Scanlan, Limestone, def. Lucas Haag, Wis.-Parkside, 13-0; Lars Lueders, Western St., def. Cale Cornemann, Northern St., 17-4; Heath Jolley, Central Okla., def. Pino Scavella, Gannon, 6-1; Paul Sutton, Neb.-Kearney, def. Tyler Johnson, Southwest Minn. St., 11-3; Brad Padgett, St. Cloud St., def. Alecxis Lara, San Fran. St., 10-0; Mike Corcetti, Pitt.-Johnstown, def. Jeremy Hudson, Central Mo., 10-1; Jared Deaguero, Adams St., def. Beau Severtson, Augustana (S.D.), 4-2; Keeno Griffin, Newberry, def. Hiram Smith, Findlay, 6-4.

Quarterfinals: Scanlan def. Lueders, 3-1; Jolley def. Sutton, 8-6; Corcetti def. Padgett, 5-1; Deaguero def. Griffin, 3-1.

Semifinals: Scanlan def. Jolley, 10-4; Corcetti def. Deaguero, 11-4.

Final: Scanlan def. Corcetti, 5-2.



First round: Haag def. Cornemann, 5-0; Scavella def. Johnson, 13-3; Hudson def. Lara, 11-6; Smith def. Severtson, 9-5.

Second round: Griffin def. Haag, 13-2; Padgett def. Scavella, 5-4; Hudson def. Sutton, 5-3; Smith def. Lueders, 8-4.

Third round: Padgett def. Griffin, 10-4; Smith def. Hudson, 3-1 (tiebreaker).

Semifinals: Padgett def. Jolley, 8-5; Deaguero def. Smith, 9-0.

Third place: Deaguero def. Padgett, 4-3.

Fifth place: Smith def. Jolley, 15-6.

Seventh place: Griffin def. Hudson, 11-1.


197-pound class

Main bracket

First round: Jacob Marrs, Neb.-Omaha, def. Kelly Anundson, Newberry, 16-0 (technical fall, 2:47); Donovan McMahill, Western St., def. Kevin Domian, Central Mo., 19-2 (technical fall, 6:32); Tyler Copsey, Augustana (S.D.), def. Mitch Knapp, West Liberty St., 7-4; Derek Ross, Neb.-Kearney, def. Jarrett Edison, Central Okla., 7-5; Josh Majerus, Chadron St., def. Nick Peppler, Indianapolis, 10-2; Nicolas Wilkes, St. Cloud St., def. Patrick Walsh, Pitt.-Johnstown, 2-1; Josh Ohl, Ashland, def. Tyler Gonzales, Fort Hays St., 12-3; Trevor Gallo, Mercyhurst, def. Matt Norton, Indianapolis, 11-10.

Quarterfinals: McMahill def. Marrs, 14-6; Copsey def. Ross, 6-5 (tiebreaker); Majerus def. Wilkes, 6-0; Ohl pinned Gallo, 4:34.

Semifinals: McMahill def. Copsey, 5-4; Majerus def. Ohl, 11-2.

Final: Majerus def. McMahill, 8-3.



First round: Anundson pinned Domian, 1:44; Knapp def. Edison, 12-8; Walsh def. Peppler, 16-3; Norton def. Gonzales, 11-9 (sudden victory).

Second round: Anundson def. Gallo, 13-7; Wilkes def. Knapp, 5-3; Ross def. Walsh, 9-4; Marrs pinned Norton, 1:15.

Third round: Wilkes def. Anundson, 9-8; Marrs def. Ross, 10-1.

Semifinals: Copsey def. Wilkes, 3-3 (tiebreaker); Marrs pinned Ohl, 4:21.

Third place: Marrs def. Copsey, 4-2.

Fifth place: Ohl def. Wilkes, 6-4.

Seventh place: Anundson def. Ross, 6-3.


Heavyweight class

Main bracket

First round: Cy Wainwright, Newberry, def. Jesse Boggs, N.M. Highlands, 12-2; Jesse Laber, Mary, def. Lynn Panko, Indianapolis, 6-1; Tervel Dlagnev, Neb.-Kearney, pinned Niall McGrath, Gannon, 4:21; Dan Goodson, Indianapolis, def. Cody Beck, Central Mo., 5-4 (tiebreaker); Dustin Finn, Central Okla., def. Anthony Lewis, Neb.-Omaha, 3-1; Zach Majocha, Pitt.-Johnstown, def. Jed Jobe, Grand Cannon, 6-4; Brady Wilson, Minn. St. Mankato, def. Thomas Minwell, Carson-Newman, 17-0 (technical fall, 4:13); William Moss, Limestone, def. Steve Franklin, San Fran. St., 3-1.

Quarterfinals: Wainwright def. Laber, 6-1; Dlagnev def. Goodson, 21-5 (technical fall, 6:15); Finn def. Majocha, 3-1 (sudden victory); Wilson pinned Moss, 0:26.

Semifinals: Dlagnev def. Wainwright, 9-5; Finn def. Wilson, 4-3 (tiebreaker).

Final: Dlagnev def. Finn, 4-1.



First round: Panko def. Boggs, 5-3; Beck def. McGrath, 10-5; Lewis def. Jobe, 5-3; Franklin def. Minwell, 13-2.

Second round: Moss def. Panko, 3-2; Majocha def. Beck, 3-2; Lewis def. Goodson, 5-3; Laber pinned Franklin, 1:53.

Third round: Majocha def. Moss, 3-1 (sudden victory), Laber def. Lewis, 3-2.

Semifinals: Wainwright def. Majocha, 3-2; Wilson def. Laber, 3-1.

Third place: Wainwright def. Wilson, 4-3.

Fifth place: Laber pinned Majocha, 2:46.

Seventh place: Lewis def. Moss, 2-1.



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