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Additional Council, committee nominees sought

Sep 24, 2008 12:13:08 PM

The NCAA News

The NCAA is soliciting additional nominations by October 17 for the following Division III committee vacancies – including three positions on the Division III Management Council.

Nominations must be submitted online here (the Division III access code is committee3; the Division III password is 2006).

For more information, contact Sharon Tufano, NCAA committee coordinator. Information about committee administration also is available here.

Division III Management Council: Three January 2009 vacancies. Two appointees must be female, one must be an ethnic minority and one must be a director of athletics or senior woman administrator. To be eligible to serve on the Management Council, a nominee must be a president or chancellor, director of athletics, senior woman administrator, faculty athletics representative, or conference official. Management Council information here.

Division III Nominating Committee: One January 2009 vacancy. The appointee must be an ethnic minority from Region 2 (New York or Pennsylvania). Committee information here.


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