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CCIW gathers student-athletes at workshop

Jan 31, 2008 1:02:14 AM

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The College Conference of Illinois & Wisconsin is hosting its first student-athlete workshop Friday and Saturday.

The event in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, will involve up to four student-athletes and an advisor from each of the CCIW's eight member schools. Participants will hear guest speakers and engage  in team-building exercises and group activities that are designed to aid the student-athletes in becoming better leaders on their campuses and making more of their experiences as a collegiate athlete.

The workshop, funded through the Division III Strategic Initiatives Grant Program, also will focus on ideas for enhancing the schools' student-athlete advisory councils.

"The workshop is a chance for student-athletes and athletics administrators to take a break away from their busy schedule, come to Lake Geneva, and learn about ways to enhance their experiences on their respective campuses," said CCIW Commissioner Chris Martin.

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