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Community-service award opens nominations

The National Association of Division III Athletics Administrators will again present its NADIIIAA/Jostens Community Service Awards during the 2009 NCAA Convention. Nominations are due November 14.
Oct 16, 2008 8:43:01 AM

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Nominations are being solicited by the National Association of Division III Athletics Administrators (NADIIIAA) for its seventh annual community-service awards.

Institutional winners in each of three categories will receive the NADIIIAA/Jostens Community Service Award, which will be presented during a reception scheduled during the 2009 NCAA Convention in Washington, D.C. Each category winner also will receive a $1,000 donation to its general scholarship fund.

The awards, along with awards of merit and honorable-mention citations for other institutions, recognize the contributions that Division III student-athletes regularly make on their campuses and in local communities.

The award categories are:

• One-time project or activity.

• Array of projects

• Ongoing project or activity.

The awards are for community-service activities conducted during the 2007-08 academic year.

A committee of NADIIIAA members will review nominations, taking into consideration factors including (but not limited to) project objectives, campus or community needs, target audiences, the number of student-athletes involved, duration of the project, the project’s impact on the target audience, and the method by which the impact was evaluated.

Projects or activities may involve a single or multiple teams, a student-athlete advisory committee, or all student-athletes at an institution.

Nominations must be submitted on a form that can be found here, along with requirements and guidelines for submitting materials. Nomination materials must be postmarked by November 14.

Last year’s award winners were Mills for a one-time project or activity, Springfield for an array of projects, and Geneseo State for an ongoing project or activity.


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