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Division III Rewind

Jun 13, 2008 1:20:40 AM

The NCAA News

The following is a summary of Division III news from the week of June 9-13:

  • Division III leaders are pleased with attendance at and participation in a recently completed series of Town Hall Meetings to discuss issues arising from membership growth. “The comments we received did represent the diversity of viewpoints that exist within the division,” Division III Vice-President Dan Dutcher said. “But I also think it reflects the fundamental commitment our membership has to Division III and its philosophy.” The final Town Hall Meeting in San Antonio featured a discussion of how to effectively promote distinctive attributes of Division III as well as talk about the impact of current economic conditions on members’ athletics budgets.
  • A group of LeTourneau baseball student-athletes recently visited 13 Major League Baseball stadiums and the Baseball Hall of Fame, and used the publicity they generated during the trek to encourage donations to Susan G. Komen for the Cure to battle breast cancer.
  • Division III is soliciting nominations for September vacancies on several sports committees and January 2009 vacancies on the Management Council and other committees in the governance structure.

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