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Division III Rewind

Aug 15, 2008 1:00:00 AM

The NCAA News

Following is a summary of Division III news for the week of August 11-15.

• Nine institutions and two multisport conferences are new active Division III members this year, boosting the division’s membership totals to 429 schools and 42 multisport conferences. Sixteen additional schools are in varying phases of provisional membership and one school is in the process of reclassifying into Division III. Also, seven schools will be exploring Division III membership during 2008-09.

• The Eastern College Athletic Conference selected Stevens Institute of Technology to receive its Jostens Institution of the Year Award and named Chuck Mitrano, commissioner of the Empire 8, and Charlyn Robert, director of athletics at Nichols, as its Jostens Administrator of the Year honorees. Four of Stevens’ 25 sports collected ECAC titles during the past year, and nine teams competed in NCAA championships.

•  MIT swimmer Clara Bennett became the third student-athlete from that school to successfully swim the English Channel during this decade, fighting off pain from a shoulder injury and exhaustion to compete the 15-mile trek in 11 hours. Recent Western Kentucky swimming student-athlete Mallory Mead, a friend and former swim club teammate of Bennett’s, also crossed the Channel.

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