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Division III Rewind

Dec 5, 2008 11:09:33 AM

The NCAA News

Following is a summary of Division III news from the week of December 1-5.

•         It is too early to draw conclusions from first-year findings in the Division III drug education and testing pilot program, but survey and drug-testing results suggest areas for closer scrutiny during the program’s final year.  The areas, labeled as “emerging issues,” are: What levels of substance use are being self-reported by student-athletes? Is there a consensus among student-athletes about drug testing? Are there differences between self-reported in-season and out-of-season substance use? To what degree are self-reported substance use and testing results aligned?

•         The National Association of Division III Athletic Administrators is accepting nominations until December 8 for two leadership positions in the organization. NADIIIAA members will elect a new secretary-treasurer and an at-large member of the executive committee to serve beginning in 2009.

•         Millikin women’s basketball Lori Kerans, who has been a visible advocate for cancer awareness since she survived a bout with the disease during the late 1990s, underwent surgery for a new occurrence of breast cancer.

•         Nominations are being solicited for vacancies on the Division III Championships Committee and the Division III Rowing Committee.


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