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Division III Women’s Ice Hockey to survey membership

Jun 19, 2008 1:47:19 AM

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The Division III Women’s Ice Hockey Committee will survey coaches on topics regarding the championship, the group decided at its June 3-5 meeting in Indianapolis.

The group will ask coaches their feelings about holding the championship at a predetermined site. This topic has been discussed at coaches association meetings, and opinions appear to be mixed. The committee would like to get a full picture of the membership’s desires before recommending any changes.

The survey will also query institutions about requiring a tape exchange for all championships competition. The main concern the committee expressed in making the exchange mandatory is that all institutions might not have the proper equipment for making DVDs or tapes. The survey will ask members about their capabilities. A tape exchange is not required now.

The committee also recommended the approval of its automatically qualifying conference for 2009, provided that a review of single-sport conferences by the Division III Championships Committee does not change current practice. The approved conferences would be: the ECAC Division III Women’s East Hockey League, The ECAC Division III Women’s West Hockey League, the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, the Northern Collegiate Hockey Association and the New England Small College Athletics Conference.

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