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Edgewood settling in at improved ballpark

Construction is under way (above) on a new grandstand and other improvements at Stampfl Field in Verona, Wisconsin, which when completed (below) will be the home of Edgewood’s baseball team for the next 25 years. (Photo and drawing courtesy of Edgewood)
Jun 11, 2008 7:58:18 AM

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Edgewood’s use of a community ballpark is assured for the next 25 years under a partnership that has resulted in construction of a new grandstand and other improvements.

The improvements at Stampfl Field in Verona, Wisconsin -- where the Eagles have played since 1997 -- also include a new scoreboard and team meeting area, as well as improved fencing.

The most noticeable product of the partnership between Edgewood and the City of Verona is the new grandstand, which when completed this summer will include 350 covered seats, an enclosed press box, and concession and restroom facilities.

“This joint venture serves as a prime example of how a community and a college can work together toward a mutual benefit,” said Edgewood President Daniel Carey. “We are grateful to the City of Verona that the Eagles will call Stampfl Field their home well into the next two decades.”

The increased attractiveness of the facility also may benefit the college’s softball team, which plays in a facility approximately 200 yards away from Stampfl Field. Edgewood Athletics Director and head baseball coach Al Brisack noted that both the city and the college have been benefiting from a partnership that has developed through the past 10 years.

“From the beginning, it has been paramount that we certainly find ways to benefit our student-athletes, but that we also find ways to enhance Verona,” he said. “We have been very careful to make sure every path taken ios one that will have a positive effect on the residents of Verona.”

Brisack believes the upgraded stadium will give the Verona baseball community one of the “nicest facililties in southern Wisconsin.”

A ribbon-cutting ceremony is planned in conjunction with Edgewood’s September 27 alumni baseball game.

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