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Final Convention legislation video available

Dec 5, 2008 11:04:11 AM

The NCAA News

Another four Division III legislative proposals scheduled for a vote at the 2009 Convention are the subject of the last of a series of three videos now available for online viewing.

The third video covers the last of 12 proposals slated for a vote January 17 during the Division III business session at the Convention. Three proposals were covered in an October video and another five proposals were the subject of a November video.

Taken together, the three videos should provide delegates to the Convention with much of the information they will need in preparing to vote on the proposals at the Convention, said Jay Jones, director of membership services and Division III governance liaison.

In the new video, Jones reviews these proposals:

•         A proposal from two member conferences to establish an August 15 date for starting practice in fall sports.

•         A proposal sponsored by the Division III Presidents Council to establish a uniform October 15 start date for practice in ice hockey.

•         A Presidents Council-sponsored proposal to reinstate a requirement than an institution’s team be charged with its once-in-three-years opportunity for a foreign tour if more than a limited number of student-athletes representing that institution participate on an outside team during a tour.

•         A membership-sponsored proposal to permit institutions to view NCAA data throughout a season related to criteria for ranking and selecting teams for a championship. (One of the two conferences that initially submitted the proposal has withdrawn its sponsorship, but the proposal was properly submitted and remains on the Convention agenda.)

The video also points to other resources delegates can use in preparing for the Convention, including a detailed Q&A document that will be available to delegates upon arrival at the Convention, as well as the recently published Official Notice of the Convention.

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