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Football panel recommends walkthrough

Feb 14, 2008 11:12:25 AM

By Greg Johnson
The NCAA News

The Division III Football Rules Committee is recommending that the Division III Championships Committee approve one-hour walkthroughs during the five-day acclimatization period in the summer.

The football committee, which met last week in Indianapolis, believes the walkthroughs (no helmets, no pads and no contact) will enable coaches to teach important techniques that will help student-athletes prepare for the season.

The walkthroughs would take place after the required continuous three-hour recovery time once the one practice session allowed during the first five days is completed.

"Divisions I and II are currently allowed walkthroughs," said Division III Football Committee Chair and Defiance Athletics Director Dick Kaiser. "Since this meets the health and safety standards of the NCAA Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports, we don't see why Division III football programs aren't allowed to conduct walkthroughs."

Committee members believe the acclimatization model in football was designed to be consistent across all divisions. In the acclimatization period, student-athletes aren't allowed to practice more than once a day and they can't wear full pads until the fifth day of practice.

"Division III football student-athletes are just as much student-athletes as the other two divisions," Kaiser said. "This is an equity issue."

The Division III Championships Committee will consider the recommendation at its summer meeting.

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