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Haverford’s Hinchcliff carries love of science, volleyball to England

Haverford volleyball student-athlete Emily Hinchcliff received a William Penn Fellowship to teach biology at England’s Chigwell School, where she also hopes to start a volleyball program. (Photo courtesy of Haverford)
Apr 23, 2008 7:52:37 AM

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A Haverford volleyball student-athlete will spend next year as a teacher at England’s Chigwell School on a William Penn Fellowship -- named for that school’s most famous alumnus -- before using an NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship to attend medical school.

While at Chigwell, Emily Hinchcliff also hopes to follow in the footsteps of another recent Haverford student-athlete who started a soccer program at the school, by establishing a volleyball program.

“I will mostly be teaching biology and perhaps some American history/politics, especially as it’s going to be an election year,” she told Haverford communications writer Brenna McBride in a news release.

Her other duties include serving as a “dorm mother” and mentoring, advising and tutoring.

Hinchcliff, who led her team to a berth in the Division III Women’s Volleyball Championship last fall, also is looking forward to spreading her love of the sport to the school.

“Cathy Carbonaro (2006 William Penn fellow) was involved in starting the women’s soccer program there, so her advice will definitely be the starting point for me,” Hinchcliff says of her hopes for starting a volleyball program. “I have experience coaching, both my club team at home as well as for a Nike camp, so I’m sure that will come in handy.”

Chigwell, whose famed alumnus Penn founded the colony of Pennsylvania, also has asked Hinchcliff to head a pre-medicine volunteer program similar to one she started at Haverford.

“It helps students who may be interested in medical school get some first-hand hospital experience,” she said of the Haverford in Hospitals program that assigns volunteers to four Philadelphia-area hospitals.

Philip Bean, Haverford’s dean of academic affairs, encouraged Hinchcliff to apply for the fellowship, which is offered annually to graduating seniors at Haverford and Swarthmore.

“All in all, she is an exemplary representative of what Haverford can offer to the world and what our students can contribute to making this an even richer learning and living environment than it already is.”

Hinchwell currently is applying to medical schools for admission and hasn’t yet decided on a specialty.

“I have shadowed in many different departments, so a lot of things look interesting to me,” she said. “I think surgery is fascinating, so I may pursue that, but I’m sure everything will change and develop in medical school.”

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