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League seeking new name

Mar 4, 2008 1:19:26 AM

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The Pennsylvania Athletic Conference is conducting online voting in its effort to rename the 15-year-old league.

After a first round of voting in which participants expressed views about what type of name the conference should adopt, a second round of voting currently is underway to determine support for specific names.

More than 800 people participated in the first round of voting, in which 71 percent of the voters said the conference’s name needs to be associated with its region of the country and 55 percent said the name should be associated with the geographic region of the league’s members. The league recently added members from New Jersey and Maryland.

A majority of voters also supported including the word “athletic” or “athletics” in the name and calling the new entity a “conference.”

Voting on 10 specific proposed names continues at the league’s Web site through March 11.

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