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Management Council plans evaluation of Convention proposals

Oct 15, 2008 10:33:45 AM

The NCAA News

The Division III Management Council will review seven membership-sponsored proposals for the 2009 Convention during its October 20-21 meeting in Indianapolis, and decide whether to ask the Division III Presidents Council to support or oppose each proposal.

The Management Council will receive various Division III committees’ recommendations on whether to support or oppose the proposals, which are sponsored by member conferences for consideration at the Convention.

Included are proposals to permit student-athletes in six team sports to participate in a date of competition during the nontraditional season without being charged with a season of participation; to exempt conference championships and postseason tournaments from the requirement to provide one day a week off from athletically related events; and to permit institutions to view NCAA computer data throughout a season related to criteria for ranking and selecting teams for a championship.

The Council’s recommendations on all seven proposals will be considered by the Presidents Council October 30 meeting in Indianapolis.

The Management Council also will receive a report from the Division III Championships Committee about the current review of championships travel policies that is being conducted in all three NCAA membership divisions.

The NCAA Executive Committee Finance Committee approved the review last month and asked each division to report initial actions related to management of championships travel by October 30.

Council members also are expected to take time to discuss a recent series of “white papers” on growth-related issues that the Presidents Council is asking the membership to review in anticipation of discussions at the January Convention.

They also will receive a status report on Division III’s current drug education and testing pilot program. A report on the first year of the two-year pilot program is expected to be released to the Division III membership during November.

A report of the Management Council’s actions will appear October 22 in The NCAA News.

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