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Membership issues survey deadline extended

Feb 22, 2008 1:27:51 AM

By Jack Copeland
The NCAA News

The deadline for completing a survey soliciting opinions about how to deal with the growth of Division III has been extended to give institutions’ presidents more time to involve their campuses in a response.

The deadline has been moved to March 7 to provide more opportunity for involvement of athletics administrators, coaches, student-athletes, and administrators in such areas as enrollment, admissions and financial aid in formulating an institutional response to the survey.

“The survey will play a key role in the deliberations on the future membership structure of Division III,” said Dan Dutcher, NCAA Division III vice president. “Therefore, it is important that institutions be afforded adequate time to consider these complex issues and formulate their responses.”

The survey, which was mailed to institutions February 8, includes questions about the implications for Division III of continuing membership growth and about possible responses to that growth -- including questions about the possibility of subdividing Division III or creating a new division.

Some concern was expressed by recipients that the three-week period between the mailing of the survey and the original February 29 deadline might not be enough to fully involve various campus constituencies in responding to the survey. Some institutions also have reported delays in receiving the survey through the mail, further shortening the time for responding.

“We hope an additional week will help to ensure a thoughtful and thorough response to the survey questions,” Dutcher said.

He also noted that surveys received from institutions after March 7 still be accepted, although it may not be possible to include those responses in the first round of analysis of responses that will be prepared for review at the March 26 meeting of the Division III Working Group on Membership Issues.

Questions about the survey can be directed to Eric Hartung, NCAA associate director of research for Divisions II and III, or via email at


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