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New Division III video preview highlights legislative proposals

Nov 4, 2008 9:24:57 AM

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Five more of 12 Division III legislative proposals scheduled for a vote at the 2009 Convention are the subject of a new video available for online viewing.

The NCAA membership services staff covers the proposals in the second video of a three-part series.

“The video series details some specifics with the proposals that will be voted upon at the Convention and provides the membership with a tutorial on how to read and understand Division III proposals and properly use all of the resources available in preparation for the 2009 Convention,” said Jay Jones, director of membership services and Division III governance liaison.

In the new video, Jeff Myers, associate director of membership services and Division III governance liaison, reviews these proposals:

• A proposal sponsored by the Division III Presidents Council to add equestrian to the Division III list of emerging women’s sports and remove from the list four sports that have not made progress toward gaining sufficient sponsorship for an NCAA championship.

• A proposal sponsored by two member conferences to permit student-athletes in six sports to compete in one day of competition during the nontraditional season without losing a season of participation.

• A Presidents Council proposal to permit tailoring a workout program to specific needs of an individual student-athlete while continuing to prohibit coaches from conducting such workouts  outside the playing season and requiring that the activity be voluntary.

• A proposal sponsored by two conferences to exempt conference postseason championship tournaments from the requirement to give student-athletes one day a week off from athletically related events.

• A  Presidents Council proposal to permit an institution to conclude the fall nontraditional season on a date coinciding with the beginning of final exams, rather than the current established end date of October 30.

The first video in the series also remains available. It addresses:

• A proposal cosponsored by the Presidents Council and two member conferences to require head coaches to be certified in first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and use of an automated external defibrillator.

• A proposal sponsored by two conferences to provide an exception to the “tryout” prohibition that would permit an institution to host an event involving prospective student-athletes, as long as it does not involve a varsity sport sponsored by that institution.

• A proposal sponsored by four conferences that would replace an existing exception to the “tryout” prohibition with a new one permitting staff members to be involved in an event sponsored by an institution, provided that the event meets specified conditions.

The videos are among several resources the membership services staff is creating to help institutions’ delegates prepare to vote on the proposals during the Division III business session January 17 in Washington, D.C.

The Official Notice of the Convention, which will include the 12 proposals, will be mailed November 15, and the staff also again will prepare a detailed Q&A to address each proposal. That document will be provided to delegates as they check in at the Convention site.

The third and final video of the legislative series is expected to be available by early December.

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