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Staten Island answers plea for donations

Representatives of the athletics and alumni affairs staffs at Staten Island delivered hundreds of pounds of foods to volunteers for a local program serving the homeless and the hungry. (Staten Island photo)
Jun 4, 2008 1:15:41 AM

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The Staten Island intercollegiate athletics and recreation office teamed with the college’s alumni affairs office to donate hundreds of pounds of canned and nonperishable foods to a program that serves the homeless and the hungry.

In more than a month of collecting, the effort yielded nearly 400 pounds of goods for Project Hospitality, whose nearby Stapleton location routinely serves more than 300 needy families. The program also operates mobile pantries that deliver food to churches and group homes. A soup kitchen at Stapleton serves anywhere from 80 to 200 individuals weekly.

The effort, organized by Gloria Castellucci, chair of the college’s alumni student interaction program, coincided with a plea by Project Hospitality for donations as supplies became harder to obtain.

It’s actually the second time that the athletics and recreation office have been involved in a food drive with the project, which also benefited in December from a holiday canned foods drive led by the school’s student-athlete advisory committee.

“It’s a moving experience to know you are making a difference,” said David Pizzuto, Staten Island associate director of athletics. “We recognize that Project Hospitality does so much for so many, and we want to make our trips here more frequent and more serviceable to help our friends and neighbors on Staten Island.”

Stefanie Plust, who helped lead the alumni office’s collection efforts, said she hopes to continue working year-round with the program.


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