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Timeline set for membership issues survey

Jan 23, 2008 1:22:06 AM

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A survey to solicit membership opinions about future options for dealing with the growth of Division III -- including the recent recommendation by the Division III Working Group on Membership Issues to create a new division -- will be mailed to institutional presidents and chancellors February 8.

The survey, containing questions that also will reflect feedback regarding other options for proceeding that were received from the membership during Division III forums at the 2008 Convention in Nashville, will solicit an institutional response from every member school.

The president or chancellor who receives the survey will be urged to consult with various constituencies, including but not limited to athletics administrators, coaches, student-athletes, and administrators in such areas as enrollment, admissions and financial aid.

Because responses to the survey will be due by February 29, institutions are being urged to begin scheduling meetings during the three-week period following mailing of the survey to permit appropriate constituencies to assist with the institutional response.

Athletics directors, senior woman administrators and faculty athletics representatives at every institution will receive a copy of the survey, and institutions are encouraged to provide copies to other appropriate individuals on campuses.

Findings from the survey will be shared publicly soon after the Division III working group reviews results at its March 26 meeting in Indianapolis.

The survey is being constructed by the NCAA research staff, and its content will be reviewed before its distribution by various presidents, administrators and student-athletes who serve in the Division III governance structure, as well as a sampling of the presidents and administrators who offered views about the working group's restructuring recommendation during open discussion forums at the Convention.

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