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Top-ranked Wartburg wins wrestling crown

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Mar 10, 2008 10:31:50 AM

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Form held true for top-ranked Wartburg at the Division III Wrestling Championships in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Before the individual weight-class finals began on March 8, the Knights had already wrapped up their sixth NCAA championship by having six of their student-athletes win semifinal matches.

Aaron Wernimont (157), Romeo Djoumessi (184) and Jacob Naig (149) went on to win individual national titles and helped Wartburg outdistance the nearest competition, Wisconsin-La Crosse, by 47 points.

Djoumessi ended the 2007-08 season with a perfect 29-0 mark. Naig overcame two complete anterior cruciate ligament tears, including one that cost him the entire 2006-07 season, in his career to reach the top in his weight class.

“One thing I really like about my team this year is that nobody took a short cut,” Djoumessi said. “That’s why we are an outstanding team.”

Jake Helvey (133), defending 197-pound national champion T.J. Miller and heavyweight Brian Borchers all had second-place finishes for Wartburg.

The Knights had an opportunity to tie or break the NCAA record for individual champions in the event. Their 2004 championship team had four champions to match John Carroll, Montclair State and Augsburg.

“We had a couple disappointments at the end, but we had six national finalists, nine all-Americans ... so I really feel good about the year,” said Wartburg coach Jim Miller, whose team has won six national titles since 1996. “We kept raising the bar on them, and they kept climbing over it all year long.”

The three individual national championships ran Wartburg’s streak of having at least two or more individual champions to six years. This year’s total equaled the three champions in 2003 and pushed the program total to 27. The 147-point total marked the fourth time since 2003 the Knights have been above the 145-point mark in a national meet.

“I didn’t know how good we were going to be, to be honest with you,” said Miller. “We just kept on improving from week to week, and things just kept on snowballing, and people took leadership. We had good chemistry, and that is what has to happen sometimes to win a championship.”

Wisconsin La Crosse’s Josh Chelf, who captured his second 174-pound championship by major decision, was named Outstanding Wrestler of the meet. Chelf won all four of his matches by either major decision or pin.

Team results
1. Wartburg, 147; 2. Wis.-La Crosse, 100; 3. Augsburg, 87; 4. Coe, 78; 5. Delaware Valley, 64; 6. Luther, 45 1/2; 7. Cornell, 40 1/2; 8. Elmhurst, 38; 9. North Central (Ill.), 37 1/2; 10. Wis.-Stevens Point, 33; 11. Olivet, 29 1/2; 12. New York U., 23 1/2; 13. King’s (Pa.), 21; 14. Rhode Island Col., 20; 15. (tie) Lycoming and MIT, 19; 17. Brockport St., 18 1/2; 18. Heidelberg, 17 1/2; 19. Maranatha Baptist, 17; 20. Buena Vista, 16 1/2; 21. Mt. St Joseph, 16; 22. Dubuque, 15; 23. Stevens Institute, 14 1/2; 24. (tie) TCNJ, Johnson & Wales (R.I.) and Oneonta St., 14; 27. Wis.-Whitewater, 10 1/2; 28. Cortland St., 10; 29. Ithaca, 9 1/2; 30. (tie) Springfield and St. John’s (Minn.), 8 1/2; 32. (tie) Baldwin Wallace, Wis.-Eau Claire and Wis.-Platteville, 8; 35. Johns Hopkins, 6; 36. Case Reserve, 5 1/2; 37. (tie) Concordia-M’head, Gettysburg and Merchant Marine, 4 1/2; 40. Knox, 3 1/2; 41. (tie) Lakeland and Rochester Inst., 3; 43. (tie) Messiah and Ursinus, 2; 45. (tie) Bridgewater St. and York (Pa.), 1 1/2; 47. (tie) John Carroll, Loras, Manchester, Ohio Northern and Williams, 1; 52. (tie) Centenary (N.J.) and Thiel, 1/2; 54. (tie) Hunter, Muskingum, Norwich, Oswego St., Roger Williams, Southern Me. and Wilkes, 0.

Individual champions
— Seth Flodeen, Augsburg, pinned Clayton Rush, Coe, 2:07
133 — David Morgan, King’s (Pa.), def. Jacob Helvey, Wartburg, 3-1 (sudden victory)
141 — Michael Bonora, Rhode Island Col., def. Jason Adams, Augsburg, 5-2
149 — Jacob Naig, Wartburg, def. Elliott Spence, Mt. St. Joseph, 8-2
157 — Aaron Wernimont, Wartburg, def. Jason Brew, Olivet, 7-3
165 — Tyler Burkle, Coe, def. Benjamin Hoover, Marantha Baptist, 9-4
174 — Josh Chelf, Wis.-La Crosse, def. Tyler Jentz, Coe, 13-2
184 — Romeo Djoumessi, Wartburg, def. Michael Wilcox, Delaware Valley, 8-2
197 — Matthew Miller, Lycoming, def. Tyler Miller, Wartburg, 2-0
Heavyweight — Dan Laurent, Wis.-La Crosse, def. Brian Borchers, Wartburg, 7-5


125-pound class
Main bracket
First round:
Stephen Kingsland, Ursinus, def. Kyle Flickinger, York (Pa.), 3-2 (tiebreaker); Jake Oster, Elmhurst, def. Ethan Cohen, Williams, 19-3 (technical fall, 6:00).
Second round: Christopher Heilman, Cornell, def. Jacob Calhoun, Wis.-Stevens Point, 16-0 (technical fall, 7:00); Jon Gregory, Ithaca, def. Kingsland, 2-1; Seth Flodeen, Augsburg, def. David Penny, Ohio Northern, 14-0; Robert Struthers, Wartburg, pinned Jerrad Hoxie, Heidelberg, 3:28; Oster pinned Eracleo Vallejo, Manchester, 2:51; Chris Sheetz, Delaware Valley, pinned Brandon Music, Wis.-La Crosse, 2:52; Munkhbaatar Baatar, St. John’s (Minn.), def. Rob Miller, Thiel, 10-4; Clayton Rush, Coe, def. Mike McInally, Rochester Inst., 15-7.
Quarterfinals: Heilman def. Gregory, 10-2; Flodeen def. Struthers, 5-4; Sheetz pinned Oster, 5:28; Rush def. Baatar, 3-2.
Semifinals: Flodeen def. Heilman, 8-2; Rush def. Sheetz, 6-1.
Final: Flodeen pinned Rush, 2:07.

First round:
Miller def. Flickinger, 3-1; Hoxie def. Cohen, 14-0.
Second round: McInally def. Miller, 7-1; Vallejo def. Music, 14-9; Penny def. Hoxie, 7-4; Kingsland def. Calhoun, 6-3.
Third round: Struthers def. McInally, 8-6; Gregory def. Vallejo, 16-3; Baatar def. Penny, 7-1; Oster pinned Kingsland, 6:30.
Fourth round: Struthers def. Gregory, 13-2; Oster def. Baatar, 10-7.
Semifinals: Struthers def. Sheetz, 6-4; Heilman def. Oster, 13-5.
Third place: Heilman def. Struthers, 10-5.
Fifth place: Oster pinned Sheetz, 3:43.
Seventh place: Baatar def. Gregory, 11-7.

133-pound class
Main bracket
First round:
Adam Johnson, North Central (Ill.), def. Brian Zane, Norwich, 7-2; Phillip Greene, Merchant Marine, def. Jestin Hulegaard, Buena Vista, 8-4; Jordan Kolinski, Wis.-La Crosse, def. Dave Colagiovanni, Cortland St., 8-4; Jacob Helvey, Wartburg, def. Anthony Gummerson, Centenary (N.J.), 9-4; Travis Lang, Augsburg, def. Brandon Clemmer, Delaware Valley, 13-7; Nichalos Northern, Cornell, def. Adam Pizzurro, John Carroll, 8-3; Raymond Sarinelli, TCNJ, def. Zac Bartlett, Luther, 6-2.
Quarterfinals: Johnson def. Greene, 9-2; Helvey def. Kolinski, 17-9; Northern def. Lang, 3-1 (sudden victory), David Morgan, King’s (Pa.), def. Sarinelli, 9-3.
Semifinals: Helvey def. Johnson, 4-2 (sudden victory); Morgan def. Northern, 3-2.
Final: Morgan def. Helvey, 3-1 (sudden victory).

First round:
Hulegaard def. Zane, 13-8; Gummerson def. Colagiovanni, 13-5; Clemmer def. Pizzurro, 6-0.
Second round: Hulegaard def. Sarinelli, 7-4; Lang pinned Gummerson, 2:16; Kolinski pinned Clemmer, 5:14; Bartlett pinned Greene, 3:51.
Third round: Lang def. Hulegaard, 14-2; Kolinski def. Bartlett, 22-8.
Semifinals: Johnson def. Lang, 3-1; Kolinski def. Northern, 7-5 (sudden victory).
Third place: Johnson def. Kolinski, 3-2.
Fifth place: Lang pinned Northern, 0:56.
Seventh place: Bartlett def. Hulegaard (medical forfeit).

141-pound class
Main bracket
First round:
Nicholas Sanchez, Heidelberg, def. James Beshada, Merchant Marine, 7-4.
Second round: Michael Bonora, Rhode Island Col., def. Chase DeCleene, Wis.-Stevens Point, 8-5; Travis Grawin, Luther, def. William Horwath, Ithaca, 8-2; David Manoogian, Case Reserve, def. Derrick Smith, Oswego St., 11-9; Stephen Hult, New York U., def. Luke Baum, Rochester Inst., 5-0; Matt Kelly, Wartburg, def. Dylan Rittenburg, Williams, 10-2; Jason Adams, Augsburg, def. Sanchez, 9-1; Austin Bautista, Wis.-Whitewater, pinned Ben Anderson, Concordia-M’head, 3:50; Niles Mercer, Coe, def. Dan Hall, Delaware Valley, 4-1.
Quarterfinals: Bonora def. Grawin, 11-8; Hult def. Manoogian, 7-4; Adams def. Kelly, 3-2; Mercer def. Bautista, 10-8 (sudden victory).
Semifinals: Bonora def. Hult, 5-3; Adams def. Mercer, 8-4.
Final: Bonora def. Adams, 5-2.

First round:
Beshada def. Smith, 11-7.
Second round: Hall pinned Anderson, 2:51; Rittenburg def. Sanchez, 13-11 (tiebreaker); Baum def. Beshada, 14-3; DeCleene def. Horwath, 6-5.
Third round: Manoogian def. Hall, 3-2; Grawin pinned Rittenburg, 6:57; Bautista def. Baum, 6-2; Kelly def. DeCleene, 9-7 (sudden victory).
Fourth round: Grawin def. Manoogian, 10-1; Kelly def. Bautista, 5-3.
Semifinals: Grawin def. Mercer, 4-1; Hult def. Kelly, 10-2.
Third place: Hult def. Grawin, 6-2.
Fifth place: Kelly def. Mercer, 8-5.
Seventh place: Bautista def. Manoogian, 5-3.

149-pound class
Main bracket
First round:
Johanson Quist, Luther, def. John Barnett, TCNJ, 4-2.
Second round: Jacob Naig, Wartburg, def. Ryan Higgins, Wis.-Platteville, 9-2; Matt Mauseth, Wis.-La Crosse, def. Aaron Cook, Buena Vista, 5-3; Jeff Kastel, Elmhurst, def. Zach Mizer, Heidelberg, 5-1; Paul LeBlanc, Cortland St., def. Matthew Shank, Gettysburg, 8-4; Elliott Spence, Mt. St. Joseph, def. Blaine Woszczak, Ithaca, 13-10; Dan Twito, Merchant Marine, def. Jesse Harrington, Delaware Valley, 3-1; Quist def. Frank Cammisa, Bridgewater St., 12-10; Willy Holst, Augsburg, pinned Erik Smith, Wilkes, 4:21.
Quarterfinals: Naig def. Mauseth, 9-4; Kastel def. LeBlanc, 6-3; Spence def. Twito, 4-2; Holst def. Quist, 18-2 (technical fall, 7:00).
Semifinals: Naig pinned Kastel, 4:59; Spence def. Holst, 9-3.
Final: Naig def. Spence, 8-2.

First round:
Cook def. Barnett, 10-2.
Second round: Cammisa def. Smith, 1-0; Woszczak def. Harrington, 4-3; Mizer def. Shank, 2-1; Cook def. Higgins, 6-4.
Third round: LeBlanc def. Cammisa, 12-3; Mauseth def. Woszczak, 5-3; Quist def. Mizer, 6-1; Cook def. Twito, 2-1.
Fourth round: Mauseth pinned LeBlanc, 6:41; Cook def. Quist, 8-2.
Semifinals: Holst def. Mauseth, 2-0; Cook def. Kastel, 7-6.
Third place: Holst def. Cook, 18-6.
Fifth place: Kastel def. Mauseth, 15-5.
Seventh place: LeBlanc pinned Quist, 5:41.

157-pound class
Main bracket
First round:
Aaron Wernimont, Wartburg, def. Patrick Minner, Muskingum, 14-2; Andrew Goldstein, Gettysburg, def. John Niedrich, York (Pa.), 5-3; Erik Hanson, Loras, def. Mike Martini, Rhode Island Col., 8-2; Jesse Milks, Wis.-Platteville, def. Ryan Herwig, Delaware Valley, 9-4; Kyle Katz, Elmhurst, pinned Josh Terrell, Dubuque, 3:59; Takafumi Hashimoto, New York U., def. Beau Hanson, Augsburg, 9-4; Patrick McAuley, Cornell, def. Nathan Bachmann, Rochester Inst., 10-2; Jason Brew, Olivet, def. Jay Milz, Wis.-La Crosse, 8-3.
Quarterfinals: Wernimont def. Goldstein, 6-3; Milks def. Hanson, 5-4; Hashimoto def. Katz, 6-4 (sudden victory); Brew def. McAuley, 6-4 (tiebreaker).
Semifinals: Wernimont def. Milks, 8-3; Brew def. Hashimoto, 13-6.
Final: Wernimont def. Brew, 7-3.

First round:
Niedrich def. Minner, 5-4; Herwig pinned Martini, 6:33; Terrell def. Hanson, 5-1; Milz def. Bachmann, 8-1.
Second round: McAuley def. Niedrich, 14-7; Herwig pinned Katz, 0:23; Terrell def. Hanson (won by default); Goldstein def. Milz, 3-2.
Third round: Herwig pinned McAuley, 0:51; Terrell def. Goldstein, 7-5.
Semifinals: Herwig def. Milks, 13-7; Terrell def. Hashimoto, 4-2.
Third place: Herwig pinned Terrell, 1:20.
Fifth place: Hashimoto def. Milks, 6-3.
Seventh place: McAuley def. Goldstein, 8-4.

165-pound class
Main bracket
First round:
Trent Zempel, Messiah, def. Michael Morin, Southern Me., 4-2; Justin Hanson, Wartburg, def. Daron Cruickshank, Olivet, 16-0 (technical fall, 6:00).
Second round: Tim Palmer, Wis.-La Crosse, def. Julian Mancha, Buena Vista, 11-1; Zempel def. Matt Schrupp, St. John’s (Minn.), 3-2; Justin Bonitatas, TCNJ, def. Shaheim Bradshaw, Brockport St., 5-4; Benjamin Hoover, Marantha Baptist, def. Jason Wozniak, Wis.-Stevens Point, 11-6; Hanson def. Gino Russo, Baldwin Wallace, 5-2; Ben Youel, North Central (Ill.), def. Frank Heffernan, Wilkes, 7-3; Patrick Nagel, Wis.-Whitewater, def. Zach Bogardus, Cortland St., 10-4; Tyler Burkle, Coe, pinned Patrick Stanley, Johns Hopkins, 5:46.
Quarterfinals: Palmer def. Zempel, 13-2; Hoover def. Bonitatas, 8-7; Youel def. Hanson, 7-4; Burkle def. Nagel, 11-2.
Semifinals: Hoover def. Palmer, 15-7; Burkle def. Youel, 6-2.
Final: Burkle def. Hoover, 9-4.

First round:
Bogardus def. Morin, 7-6; Wozniak pinned Cruickshank, 6:43.
Second round: Stanley def. Bogardus, 7-5; Russo def. Heffernan, 9-7; Bradshaw def. Wozniak, 9-1; Schrupp def. Mancha, 8-1.
Third round: Bonitatas def. Stanley, 10-5; Russo def. Zempel, 6-5; Bradshaw def. Nagel, 14-5; Hanson def. Schrupp, 7-2.
Fourth round: Russo def. Bonitatas, 12-10; Bradshaw pinned Hanson, 4:27.
Semifinals: Youel def. Russo, 6-0; Bradshaw def. Palmer, 7-2.
Third place: Bradshaw def. Youel, 7-5.
Fifth place: Palmer pinned Russo, 3:27.
Seventh place: Hanson def. Bonitatas, 12-7.

174-pound class
Main bracket
First round:
Kyle Vanderhyde, Olivet, pinned Andre DeCristo, Hunter, 0:37.
Second round: Josh Chelf, Wis.-La Crosse, pinned Benjamin Plowman, Ohio Northern, 1:45; Jerome Owens, Johnson & Wales (R.I.), def. Kyle Kehrli, Cornell, 9-6; Brandon MacWhinnie, Stevens Institute, def. Gregory Osgoodby, TCNJ, 10-3; Eric Van Patten, Brockport St., def. George Lynaugh, Augsburg, 4-2; Vanderhyde def. Evan Brown, Dubuque, 7-5; Michael Reilly, King’s (Pa.), def. Phil Moenkedick, Condordia-M’head, 11-7; Tyler Jentz, Coe, def. Jared Czarneski, Roger Williams, 4-1; David Priest, Ithaca, def. Eric Bath, Wis.-Stevens Point, 7-3.
Quarterfinals: Chelf pinned Owens, 6:11; MacWhinnie def. Van Patten, 4-2 (sudden victory); Vanderhyde def. Reilly, 14-7; Jentz def. Priest, 5-3 (sudden victory).
Semifinals: Chelf def. MacWhinnie, 11-1; Jentz def. Vanderhyde, 2-1.
Final: Chelf def. Jentz, 13-2.

First round:
Lynaugh def. DeCristo, 11-1.
Second round: Bath def. Czarneski, 7-4; Brown def. Moenkedick, 15-4; Osgoodby pinned Lynaugh, 2:44; Kehrli def. Plowman, 11-1.
Third round: Bath pinned Van Patten, 4:56; Owens def. Brown, 10-1; Osgoodby def. Priest, 11-6; Kehrli def. Reilly, 11-6.
Fourth round: Bath pinned Owens, 2:47; Kehrli def. Osgoodby, 6-1.
Semifinals: Vanderhyde def. Bath, 5-3 (sudden victory); MacWhinnie def. Kehrli, 5-2.
Third place: MacWhinnie def. Vanderhyde, 12-4.
Fifth place: Bath def. Kehrli, 2-1 (sudden victory).
Seventh place: Osgoodby def. Owens, 13-7.

184-pound class
Main bracket
First round:
Romeo Djoumessi, Wartburg, def. James Quinlan, Bridgewater St., 10-9; Elliot Smith, Springfield, def. Jay Figgins, Loras, 7-6; Dustin Baxter, St. John’s (Minn.), def. Ben Engelland, Wis.-Stevens Point, 5-2 (tiebreaker); Joshua Zabel, Wis.-La Crosse, pinned Eric Fishel, Johns Hopkins, 0:48; Gabe Youel, North Central (Ill.), def. Bryan Lenhardt, Johnson & Wales (R.I.), 18-6; Ben Adams, John Carroll, def. Nick Coleman, New York U., 10-6; Robert Gotreau, Augsburg, def. Treavor LeBlanc, Cortland St., 6-0; Michael Wilcox, Delaware Valley, pinned Nic Barclay, Luther, 5:26.
Quarterfinals: Djoumessi pinned Smith, 6:50; Zabel def. Baxter, 9-1; Youel def. Adams, 7-5 (sudden victory); Wilcox def. Gotreau, 2-1.
Semifinals: Djoumessi def. Zabel, 5-4; Wilcox def. Youel, 7-6.
Final: Djoumessi def. Wilcox, 8-2.

First round:
Quinlan def. Figgins, 7-2; Fishel def. Engelland, 7-5; Lenhardt def. Coleman, 9-4; Barclay def. LeBlanc, 3-1 (sudden victory).
Second round: Gotreau def. Quinlan, 7-4; Fishel def. Adams, 15-7; Lenhardt def. Baxter, 12-5; Smith def. Barclay, 11-2.
Third round: Gotreau def. Fishel, 9-0; Lenhardt def. Smith, 6-0.
Semifinals: Gotreau def. Zabel, 3-2; Youel def. Lenhardt, 9-5.
Third place: Gotreau def. Youel, 6-1.
Fifth place: Zabel def. Lenhardt, 12-3
Seventh place: Smith pinned Fishel, 5:19.

197-pound class
Main bracket
First round:
Tyler Miller, Wartburg, pinned Ben Bonaventura, Hunter, 1:44; Anthony Neumann, Concordia-M’head, def. Ryan Fogliano, Heidelberg, 7-4; Paul Hartt, Lakeland, pinned Eric Vincent, Merchant Marine, 6:00; Matthew Miller, Lycoming, def. Joe West, Delaware Valley, 3-1; Josh Holforty, Wis.-Eau Claire, def. Rob Kramer, Coe, 4-2.
Quarterfinals: T. Miller def. Crespo, 1-0; Bollig pinned Neumann, 1:43; M. Miller def. Hartt, 6-1; Holforty def. Bonander, 5-2.
Semifinals: T. Miller def. Bollig, 3-1; M. Miller def. Holforty, 3-0.
Final: M. Miller def. T. Miller, 2-0.

First round:
West def. Vincent, 6-4 (sudden victory).
Second round: Bonander pinned Bonaventura, 3:16; Fogliano def. Hartt, 10-4; Neumann def. West, 6-1; Kramer def. Crespo, 3-2.
Third round: Bonander def. Fogliano, 6-3; Kramer def. Neumann, 8-4.
Semifinals: Bollig pinned Bonander, 6:48; Kramer pinned Holforty, 4:05.
Third place: Bollig def. Kramer, 5-2.
Fifth place: Bonander def. Holforty (medical forfeit).
Seventh place: Fogliano def. Neumann, 10-2.

Heavyweight class
Main bracket
First round:
Luke Panizzi, York (Pa.), def. Trevor Hiffa, Oneonta St., 4-3; Ryan Bowers, Heidelberg, def. Josiah Payne, Cornell, 2-0; Brian Borchers, Wartburg, def. Matt Williams, Ursinus, 17-0 (technical fall, 5:56); John Miller, Luther, pinned Jake Taylor, Oswego St., 0:18; Kyle Bilquist, Delaware Valley, def. Glenn Geesman, MIT, 6-2.
Quarterfinals: Dan Laurent, Wis.-La Crosse, def. Panizzi, 3-2; Bowers def. Jaran Rutledge, Knox, 3-1; Borchers def. Mark Corsello, Elmhurst, 5-4; Bilquist def. Miller, 12-4.
Semifinals: Laurent pinned Bowers, 6:25; Borchers def. Bilquist, 5-3.
Final: Laurent def. Borchers, 7-5.

First round:
Geesman def. Taylor, 10-1.
Second round: Hiffa pinned Miller, 0:38; Corsello def. Payne, 5-2 (tiebreaker); Rutledge def. Williams, 3-2 (tiebreaker); Geesman pinned Panizzi, 2:27.
Third round: Hiffa def. Corsello, 10-2; Geesman def. Rutledge (medical forfeit).
Semifinals: Hiffa def. Bowers, 8-4; Geesman def. Bilquist, 8-1.
Third place: Geesman pinned Hiffa, 0:39.
Fifth place: Bilquist def. Bowers, 7-6.
Seventh place: Corsello def. Rutledge (medical forfeit).

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