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‘Town Hall Meetings’ will explore membership issues

Division III Working Group on Membership Issues
Feb 29, 2008 1:49:45 AM

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Division III’s membership is being encouraged to participate in a series of forums this spring for further discussion of ways to deal with the division’s continuing growth.

The “Town Hall Meetings” May 8 in Indianapolis, May 19 in Boston and June 2 in San Antonio will provide afternoon open forums for discussion of various aspects of current membership issues -- including results from a survey Division III currently is completing about the possible creation of a new division or subdivision and other options for addressing growth.

“These meetings represent an important opportunity to continue the in-person dialogue that begin at the NCAA Convention in Nashville, and the institutional dialogue accompanying the recent membership survey,” said Dan Dutcher, NCAA vice president for Division III.

“These conversations should prove extremely valuable to the Division III Working Group on Membership Issues, its Executive Committee counterpart (the Executive Committee Working Group on Membership), and the rest of the Division III and NCAA governance structure in determining the best ways to deal with the membership issues facing Division III and the Association.” 

The Boston and San Antonio Town Hall Meetings are scheduled as part of the annual NCAA Regional Rules Seminars, while the Indianapolis session is being planned to ensure an additional opportunity to participate in discussions. All three meetings offer an opportunity for discussion involving individuals, such as presidents, who otherwise might not be expected to attend the rules seminars.

Registration begins today for the Indianapolis Town Hall Meeting. Registration opens at 11 a.m. Eastern. Monday for the regional seminars, and those who plan to attend the seminars can indicate that they will attend the Town Hall Meeting at the time of registration. Boston and San Antonio attendees are encouraged to register as early as possible for the regional seminars because of anticipated demand for hotel accommodations.

Those who wish to attend only the Town Hall Meeting in Boston or San Antonio should register to do so through the regional seminars’ registration process.

To encourage participation in all three Town Hall Meetings, the NCAA is offering limited reimbursement for expenses of attending the Indianapolis forum, and also reminding the membership that funds are available from the Strategic Initiatives Conference Grant Program to help pay for travel to the Regional Rules Seminars.

Institutions that send representatives to the Indianapolis session can receive $75 for one participant or $150 to help cover attendance by two or more participants. However, attendees will be responsible for travel and hotel expenses and arrangements.

Funding for those who attend the Boston and San Antonio regional seminars must be requested from conferences or the Association of Division III Independents.

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