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Volleyball panel calls for results

Mar 5, 2008 1:23:41 AM

By Greg Johnson
The NCAA News

The Division III Women’s Volleyball Committee is calling for coaches to report their regular-season results in a more timely manner.

The committee, which conducted its annual meeting in February, wants coaches to get into the habit of filling out their weekly results every Monday during the season. Committee members believe that will help the panel track team performance more consistently throughout the fall, which in turn better informs the selection process.

Division III women’s volleyball programs currently report results through a Web-based program. Committee members say since the first regional rankings aren’t published until mid-October, regular-season results tend to filter in around that time. That’s challenging from an organizational standpoint, committee members say.

“It’s hard to look at pieces of the puzzle,” said Division III Women’s Volleyball Committee Chair Moira Long. “You want to look at the whole puzzle and see what exactly is out there.”

The committee believes if teams report their scores regularly from the beginning of the season, it will become a natural task for someone to do on a weekly basis.

“We think getting results from the start will give us a better response,” said Long, the women’s volleyball coach at Plymouth State University. “When some schools aren’t reporting, it makes it difficult. We just want the results to be updated more regularly.”

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