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Rings vault Cardinal to men’s gymnastics title

Apr 20, 2009 9:49:50 AM

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Top-ranked Stanford used consistent performances in every event to win its first National Collegiate Men’s Gymnastics Championship since 1993 on Saturday.

The Cardinal earned the top score on only two events, which made for a nerve-wracking final rotation on rings. Stanford was trailing California by 1.1 going into the event, but the Cardinal clinched the title with four gymnasts in the top six on the rings.

It was the first time since 2001 that neither Penn State nor Oklahoma won the title. Michigan’s Wolverines finished strong as well, besting the Sooners for second place. California finished fourth.

Stanford began the competition on vault, earning a 63.250, second to Oklahoma, which posted three individual scores over 16.000. Tim Gentry’s 15.950 was the highest score for the Cardinal. On the next rotation, parallel bars, Stanford earned a season-high 59.300. The Cardinal also performed well on horizontal bar, with two team members in the top six.

The team also put up season-high numbers on floor exercise, but had only one top-10 performance from Greg Ter-Zakhariants, on pommel horse.

“That’s the great thing about this sport: You never know who the winner is going to be until that last guy in that last event. It’s a lot of fun,” said Stanford head coach Thom Glielmi. “The strength of this team is depth. Some of the guys had some breaks or falls, but generally our top six guys can put together four solid routines and the difficulty is high. They knew that coming in, so there was never an issue of felling they were out of it.”

In the individual portion of the meet, Oklahoma’s Steve Legendre won the all-around, followed by California’s Glen Ishino and Illinois’ Paul Ruggeri.

Team results

1.       Stanford, 362.800 2. Michigan, 361.500 3. Oklahoma, 361.200 4. California, 361.150 5. Illinois, 359.300 6. Ohio St., 355.950.

Individual event results


1.       Steven Legendre, Oklahoma, 90.500; 2. Glen Ishino, California, 90.000; 3. Paul Ruggeri, Illinois, 89.500; 4. Kyson Bunthuwong, California, 89.000; 5. Kyle Bunthuwong, California, 89.000; 6. Chris Brooks, Oklahoma, 88.450; 7. Casey Sandy, Penn St.,, 88.400; 8. Brandon Wynn, Ohio St., 87.450; 9. Jake Bateman, Ohio St., 86.750; 10. Noam Shaham, Penn St., 85.150.

Floor exercise

1.       Steven Legendre, Oklahoma, 15.625; 2. Paul Ruggieri, Illinois, 15.600; 3. Chris Brooks, Oklahoma, 15.575; 4. Chris Cameron, Michigan, 15.550; 5. Russel Czeschin, Oklahoma, 15.500; 6. Roger Pasek, Illinois, 15.425.

Pommel horse

1.       Daniel Riberio, Illinois, 15.575; 2. Steven Spencer, Ohio St., 15.475; 3. Ty Echard, Ohio St., 15.450; 4. Glen Ishino, California, 15.350; 5. Kit Beikmann, Minnesota, 15.325; 6. Chris Cameron, Michigan, 15.175.


1.       Evan Roth, California, 15.600; 2. Phillip Goldberg, 15.400; 3. Nicholas Noone, Stanford, 15.275; 4. (tie) Tim Gentry, Stanford, and Jake Bateman, Ohio St., 15.250; 6. Kyle Brady, California, 15.125.


1.       Steven Legendre, Oklahoma, 16.325; 2. Geoff Reins, Iowa, 16.300; 3. Tim Gentry, Stanford, 16.175; 4. Chris Brooks, Oklahoma, 16.025; 5. Evan Roth, California, 15.975; 6. DJ Repp Minnesota, 15.850.

Parallel bars

1.       Paul Ruggieri, Illinois, 15.175; 2. Kyle Brady, California, 15.075; 3. Thomas Kelley, Michigan, 14.675; 4. Sho Nakamori, Stanford, 14.650; 5. (tie) Glen Ishino, California, and Ryan Lieberman, Stanford, 14.575

Horizontal bar

1.       Paul Ruggeri, Illinois, 15.750; 2. Thomas Kelley, Michigan, 15.275; 3. Alex Buscaglia, Stanford, 14.875; 4. Sho Nakamori Stanford, 14.750; 5. Joe Catrambone, Michigan, 14.050; 6. Bryan del Castillo, California, 13.775.

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