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Northwestern wrestler helps Iowa win 22nd title

Mar 23, 2009 9:29:01 AM

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Iowa wrestling fans did their part to help the Hawkeyes win their 22nd Division I Wrestling Championship by throwing their support behind Northwestern’s Jake Herbert in the 184-pound final match.

Herbert then did his part by winning a 6-3 decision over Ohio State’s Mike Pucillo, which secured a 96.5-92 margin for Iowa over Ohio State in the final team standings Saturday night in St. Louis.

The Hawkeyes won their second straight NCAA title – this one without the benefit of having an individual champion. But their adoptive son, Herbert, did the Hawkeyes a big favor.

On February 21, Herbert, a senior, wrestled his final home match in Evanston, Illinois, and the opponent happened to be Iowa. He was surprised to hear the Iowa fans cheer for him that night out of appreciation for his career.

On Saturday, they roared with approval so he could help their beloved Hawkeyes.

“Iowa wrestling is great,” Herbert told the assembled media afterward. “(Northwestern head coach) Tim Cysewski comes from it. I couldn’t imagine if I went to a university that had a following like that. We have a great fan base at Northwestern, but it’s nothing like the Hawkeyes; they bleed black and gold. Just knowing that I had them on my side gave me three-fourths of the arena really rooting for me.”

Iowa coach Tom Brands didn’t witness Herbert’s match, because he was spending time with his 149-pound wrestler, Brent Metcalf, who lost a chance at a second straight individual national title after being upset, 11-6, by North Carolina State’s Darrion Caldwell.

“Herbert is a competitor,” Brands said. ‘Those things are out of our control, but of course you want to win the team championship.”

Metcalf saw his 69-match win streak come to an end with the defeat. The junior is 72-2 in his career and plans to use the match as a learning experience during his final season of competition.

It is the first time Iowa has won an NCAA crown without an individual champion since 1978, the first of Dan Gable’s 15 titles.

“No individual got what he wanted,” Brands said. “Metcalf's match is sour, but he’s a competitor and he’ll get up. He's already going forward in his head and that’s a tribute to him. A lot of positive things happened on the back-side of the bracket to win this championship.”

Daniel Dennis (133), Ryan Morningstar (165), Phil Keddy (184) and Dan Erekson (heavyweight) all did well in the wrestle-backs to post important points for the Hawkeyes.

Morningstar recorded a third-place finish, Keddy and Erekson had fourth-place performances and Dennis captured seventh place.


Team results

1. Iowa, 96 1/2; 2. Ohio St., 92; 3. Iowa St., 84 1/2; 4. Nebraska, 78 1/2; 5. Cornell, 73 1/2; 6. Edinboro, 72; 7. Missouri, 70; 8. Illinois, 55; 9. Wisconsin, 53; 10. Maryland, 47 1/2; 11. Michigan, 47; 12. Boise St., 46 1/2; 13. Northwestern, 46; 14. (tie) Central Mich. and Minnesota, 35; 16. Oklahoma St., 34; 17. Penn St., 31; 18. (tie) Kent St. and North Carolina St., 30; 20. (tie) Arizona St. and Old Dominion, 27 1/2; 22. UNI, 25; 23. Purdue, 24 1/2; 24. Indiana, 24; 25. (tie) Michigan St. and Navy, 23; 27. Hofstra, 22 1/2; 28. Lehigh, 20 1/2; 29. (tie) American and Bucknell, 19 1/2; 31. Oklahoma, 19; 32. (tie) Rider and Wyoming, 18 1/2; 34. Virginia, 18; 35. Duke, 17; 36. Cal St. Bakersfield, 16; 37. Bloomsburg, 15; 38. Pittsburgh, 13; 39. Virginia Tech, 12 1/2; 40. Binghamton, 11 1/2; 41. (tie) Harvard and Oregon St., 10 1/2; 43. (tie) Cal Poly and Northern Ill., 9 1/2; 45. Penn, 9; 46. North Carolina, 7 1/2; 47. West Virginia, 7; 48. (tie) Buffalo and Rutgers, 5 1/2; 50. Army, 5; 51. Stanford, 4 1/2; 52. (tie) Chattanooga and George Mason, 4; 54. Drexel, 3; 55. (tie) Cleveland St., Lock Haven, and UC Davis, 2 1/2; 58. (tie) East Stroudsburg, Liberty, and UNC Greensboro, 2; 61. Boston U., 1; 62. (tie) Appalachian St., Brown, Cal St. Fullerton, Citadel, Clarion, Columbia, Delaware St., Duquesne, Eastern Mich., Frank. & Marsh., Gardner-Webb, Millersville, Northern Colo., South Dakota St., and VMI, 0.


Individual champions

125 — Troy Nickerson, Cornell, def. Paul Donahoe, Edinboro, 2-1 (tiebreaker).

133 — Franklin Gomez, Michigan St., def. Reece Humphrey, Ohio St., 5-4.

141 — J Jaggers, Ohio St., def. Ryan Williams, Old Dominion, 10-4.

149 — Darrion Caldwell, North Carolina St., def. Brent Metcalf, Iowa, 11-6.

157 — Jordan Burroughs, Nebraska, def. Michael Poeta, Illinois, 5-1.

165 — Jarrod King, Edinboro, def. Andrew Howe, Wisconsin, 3-2.

174 — Steve Luke, Michigan, def. Mike Miller, Central Mich., 8-4.

184 — Jake Herbert, Northwestern, def. Mike Pucillo, Ohio St., 6-3.

197 — Jake Varner, Iowa St., def. Craig Brester, Nebraska, 2-1.

Heavyweight — Mark Ellis, Missouri, def. Konrad Dudziak, Duke, 3-2 (tiebreaker).

Complete individual results

125-pound class

Main bracket

First round: Brad Pataky, Penn St., pinned Ian Moser, Bloomsburg, 1:40.

Second round: Paul Donahoe, Edinboro, def. Obenson Blanc, Oklahoma St., 4-2; Bernard Futrell, Illinois, def. William Chamberlain, Duquesne, 1-0; Tyler Clark, Iowa St., def. Prescott Garner, Navy, 19-5; Rollie Peterkin, Penn, def. Eric Olanowski, Michigan St., 21-1 (technical fall, 5:49); Charlie Falck, Iowa, def. Derek Reber, Bucknell, 11-3; Anthony Robles, Arizona St., def. Nikko Triggas, Ohio St., 5-0; Michael Martinez, Wyoming, def. Marcos Orozco, UC Davis, 7-1; Brandon Precin, Northwestern, def. Anthony Mustari, Northern Colo., 5-2; Angel Escobedo, Indiana, def. Brian Owen, Boise St., 5-0; Jarrod Garnett, Virginia Tech, def. Nicholas Bedelyon, Kent St., 4-3; Zachary Sanders, Minnesota, def. Jay Ivanco, Clarion, 13-6; James Nicholson, Old Dominion, def. Pataky, 11-6; Joey Fio, Oklahoma, def. Demetrius Johnson, Chattanooga, 9-3; Scotti Sentes, Central Mich., def. Brandon Zoetewey, Cal St. Bakersfield, 7-3; Steve Bonanno, Hofstra, def. Brendan Byrne, Maryland, 9-3; Troy Nickerson, Cornell, pinned Mike Watts, Michigan, 5:51.

Third round: Donahoe def. Futrell, 13-7; Peterkin def. Clark, 6-3; Robles def. Falck, 8-3; Precin def. Martinez, 6-1; Escobedo def. Garnett, 2-1; Sanders def. Nicholson, 5-4; Fio def. Sentes, 5-4; Nickerson def. Bonanno, 11-0.

Quarterfinals: Donahoe def. Peterkin, 7-3; Robles def. Precin, 9-0; Escobedo def. Sanders, 8-1; Nickerson pinned Fio, 0:14.

Semifinals: Donahoe def. Robles, 5-2; Nickerson def. Escobedo, 2-1.

Final: Nickerson def. Donahoe, 2-1 (tiebreaker).



Second round: Moser def. Reber, 11-6.

Third round: Byrne def. Watts, 5-1; Zoetewey def. Johnson, 11-6; Pataky def. Ivanco, 12-2; Bedelyon def. Owen, 9-6; Orozco def. Mustari, 11-4; Triggas pinned Moser, 1:21; Garner def. Olanowski, 9-7; Blanc pinned Chamberlain, 3:18.

Fourth round: Falck pinned Byrne, 6:30; Zoetewey def. Martinez, 4-3; Pataky def. Futrell, 12-6; Bedelyon def. Clark, 8-6; Sentes def. Orozco, 3-2; Triggas def. Bonanno, 6-5; Garnett def. Garner, 18-5; Blanc def. Nicholson, 3-2.

Fifth round: Falck def. Zoetewey, 5-1; Bedelyon def. Pataky, 9-3; Sentes def. Triggas, 6-3; Blanc def. Garnett, 17-4.

Sixth round: Sanders def. Falck, 5-2; Bedelyon def. Fio, 8-3; Sentes def. Peterkin, 4-0; Precin def. Blanc, 10-4.

Quarterfinals: Sanders def. Bedelyon, 9-0; Precin def. Sentes, 13-2.

Semifinals: Robles def. Sanders, 19-10; Precin def. Escobedo, 3-0.

Third place: Precin def. Robles, 3-1.

Fifth place: Escobedo def. Sanders, 8-0.

Seventh place: Sentes def. Bedelyon, 7-2.


133-pound class

Main bracket

First round: David Marble, Bucknell, def. James Kennedy, Illinois, 7-5 (sudden victory).

Second round: Franklin Gomez, Michigan St., def. Todd Schavrien, Missouri, 13-2; Filip Novachkov, Cal Poly, def. Michael Rappo, North Carolina, 5-4; Lou Ruggirello, Hofstra, def. Matthew Fisk, Lehigh, 10-2; Joe Baker, Navy, def. Thomas Kimbrell, Cal St. Bakersfield, 6-0; Andrew Hochstrasser, Boise St., pinned Kyle Hutter, Old Dominion, 2:20; Steve Bell, Maryland, def. Kelly Kubec, Oregon St., 9-0; Tristen DeShazer, Northern Ill., pinned Darius Little, North Carolina St., 2:32; Daniel Dennis, Iowa, def. Christopher Notte, Oklahoma St., 5-4; David Marble, Bucknell, def. Cory VomBaur, Wyoming, 11-0; Dan Mitcheff, Kent St., def. Frank Celorrio, Appalachian St., 8-0; Mike Grey, Cornell, def. Brandon Low, UC Davis, 10-8; Jayson Ness, Minnesota, def. Conor Beebe, Central Mich., 8-1; Nicholas Fanthorpe, Iowa St., def. TJ Dillashaw, Cal St. Fullerton, 19-4 (technical fall, 7:00); Jake Strayer, Penn St., def. Rick Deubel, Edinboro, 7-2; Christian Smith, Liberty, def. Matt Bonson, Virginia, 7-6; Reece Humphrey, Ohio St., pinned Jimmy Conroy, Pittsburgh, 0:12.

Third round: Gomez def. Novachkov, 8-3; Ruggirello pinned Baker, 6:49; Hochstrasser def. Bell, 9-2; Dennis def. DeShazer, 9-6; Mitcheff def. Marble, 10-5; Ness def. Grey, 9-0; Strayer def. Fanthorpe, 7-3 (tiebreaker); Humphrey def. Smith, 16-7.

Quarterfinals: Gomez def. Ruggirello, 6-4; Hochstrasser def. Dennis, 9-8; Ness def. Mitcheff, 6-1; Humphrey def. Strayer, 15-6.

Semifinals: Gomez def. Hochstrasser, 6-3; Humphrey def. Ness, 1-0.

Final: Gomez def. Humphrey, 5-4.



Second round: Kennedy def. Notte, 11-6.

Third round: Conroy def. Bonson, 17-5; Deubel def. Dillashaw, 12-3; Low def. Beebe, 3-2; VomBaur def. Celorrio, 6-0; Kennedy def. Little, 8-3; Hutter def. Kubec, 7-3; Kimbrell def. Fisk, 5-2; Schavrien def. Rappo, 9-3.

Fourth round: Bell def. Conroy, 14-8; DeShazer pinned Deubel, 2:06; Low def. Novachkov, 7-3; Baker def. VomBaur, 5-4; Kennedy def. Fanthorpe, 6-0; Hutter def. Smith, 9-5; Marble def. Kimbrell, 14-9; Grey def. Schavrien, 19-7.

Fifth round: Bell def. DeShazer, 9-2; Baker def. Low, 5-3; Kennedy def. Hutter, 10-1; Grey def. Marble, 13-5.

Sixth round: Bell def. Mitcheff, 3-2; Baker def. Strayer (by default); Kennedy def. Ruggirello, 5-2; Dennis def. Grey, 8-4.

Quarterfinals: Bell def. Baker (medical forfeit); Kennedy def. Dennis, 6-3.

Semifinals: Hochstrasser def. Bell, 7-3; Ness def. Kennedy, 8-2.

Third place: Ness def. Hochstrasser, 14-6.

Fifth place: Kennedy def. Bell, 16-0 (technical fall, 5:13).

Seventh place: Dennis def. Baker (medical forfeit).


141-pound class

Main bracket

First round: Seth Ciasulli, Lehigh, pinned Cody Cleveland, Chattanooga, 3:59.

Second round: Kellen Russell, Michigan, def. Christopher Bencivenga, UNC Greensboro, 13-1; Ryan Prater, Illinois, def. Tim Harner, Liberty, 7-3; Joe Caramanica, North Carolina St., pinned Corey Jantzen, Harvard, 1:51; Ryan Williams, Old Dominion, def. Frank Molinaro, Penn St., 7-1; Marcus Hoehn, Missouri, def. Richard Rappo, Penn, 3-2 (tiebreaker); Drew Lashaway, Kent St., def. Cory Fish, Boise St., 5-2; Jamal Parks, Oklahoma St., def. Vincent Ramirez, North Carolina, 6-4 (sudden victory); Alex Krom, Maryland, def. Alex Tsirtsis, Iowa, 5-4; J Jaggers, Ohio St., def. Adin Duenas, Cal St. Fullerton, 11-2; Tyler Nauman, Pittsburgh, def. Justin Accordino, Hofstra, 7-1; Ciasulli def. Anthony D’Alie, Central Mich., 7-5; Nick Gallick, Iowa St., def. Keith Sulzer, Northwestern, 4-2; Chris Drouin, Arizona St., def. William Simpson, Army, 9-3; Trenton Washington, UNI, def. Michael Thorn, Minnesota, 5-2; Nick Nelson, Virginia, def. Elijah Nacita, Cal St. Bakersfield, 8-0; Zach Tanelli, Wisconsin, def. Christopher Diaz, Virginia Tech, 8-4.

Third round: Prater pinned Russell, 4:00; Williams def. Caramanica, 10-5; Lashaway def. Hoehn, 7-5 (tiebreaker); Krom def. Parks, 3-2; Jaggers def. Nauman, 6-4 (sudden victory); Gallick def. Ciasulli, 6-4; Drouin def. Washington (by default); Nelson def. Tanelli, 9-4.

Quarterfinals: Williams def. Prater, 8-6; Krom def. Lashaway, 10-1; Jaggers pinned Gallick, 1:48; Drouin def. Nelson, 3-2.

Semifinals: Williams def. Krom, 4-1; Jaggers pinned Drouin, 4:27.

Final: Jaggers def. Williams, 10-4.



Second round: Fish pinned Cleveland, 4:02.

Third round: Diaz def. Nacita, 11-6; Simpson def. Thorn, 10-8; Sulzer def. D’Alie, 5-0; Accordino def. Duenas, 7-3; Tsirtsis def. Ramirez, 10-2; Fish def. Rappo, 7-0; Molinaro def. Jantzen (medical forfeit); Bencivenga def. Harner, 11-4.

Fourth round: Diaz def. Hoehn, 16-5; Parks def. Simpson, 15-7; Russell def. Sulzer, 2-0; Accordino def. Caramanica, 11-6 (sudden victory); Tsirtsis def. Washington (medical forfeit); Tanelli def. Fish, 6-2; Molinaro def. Nauman, 5-4; Ciasulli pinned Bencivenga, 1:37.

Fifth round: Diaz def. Parks, 4-3; Russell def. Accordino, 8-2; Tanelli def. Tsirtsis, 6-5 (tiebreaker); Molinaro def. Ciasulli, 4-0.

Sixth round: Gallick def. Diaz, 6-1; Russell def. Nelson, 9-1; Tanelli def. Prater, 3-2; Molinaro def. Lashaway, 10-6.

Quarterfinals: Gallick def. Russell, 3-2; Tanelli def. Molinaro, 8-6.

Semifinals: Gallick def. Krom, 5-1; Tanelli def. Drouin, 3-1 (sudden victory).

Third place: Gallick def. Tanelli, 5-3.

Fifth place: Krom def. Drouin, 4-0.

Seventh place: Russell def. Molinaro, 7-4.


149-pound class

Main bracket

First round: Lance Palmer, Ohio St., pinned George Hickman, Bloomsburg, 4:48.

Second round: Brent Metcalf, Iowa, pinned Kevin LeValley, Bucknell, 6:01; Heinrich Barnes, Oregon St., def. Robert Sanders, Nebraska, 11-3; Kyle Terry, Oklahoma, def. Trevor Kittleson, UNI, 8-3; Matthew Kyler, Army, pinned Daniel Waddell, Chattanooga, 1:28; Kyle Ruschell, Wisconsin, def. D.J. Meagher, Cornell, 9-5; Trevor Chinn, Lehigh, def. Peter Yates, Virginia Tech (by forfeit); Mitch Mueller, Iowa St., def. Jason Chamberlain, Boise St., 5-2; Palmer def. Matt Cathell, Delaware St., 4-3; Darrion Caldwell, North Carolina St., pinned Cesar Grajales, Penn, 3:27; Desmond Green, Buffalo, def. Mitchell Polkowske, Northern Colo., 3-2; Steven Brown, Central Mich., def. Michael Roberts, Boston U., 4-1; Jake Patacsil, Purdue, def. Kellon Balum, Virginia, 8-0; Bryce Saddoris, Navy, def. Nicholas Stabile, North Carolina, 5-2; Kyle Borshoff, American, def. Torsten Gillespie, Edinboro, 4-2; Paul Gillespie, Hofstra, pinned David Jauregui, West Virginia, 2:33; Matthew Fittery, Lock Haven, def. Bubba Jenkins, Penn St., 12-6.

Third round: Metcalf pinned Barnes, 3:47; Terry def. Kyler, 7-4; Ruschell def. Chinn, 3-0; Palmer def. Mueller, 3-0; Caldwell def. Green, 10-2; Patacsil def. Brown, 11-2; Saddoris def. Borshoff, 9-5; Gillespie def. Fittery, 9-4.

Quarterfinals: Metcalf def. Terry, 14-6; Palmer def. Ruschell, 4-0; Caldwell def. Patacsil, 10-1; Saddoris def. Gillespie, 3-2.

Semifinals: Metcalf def. Palmer, 6-2; Caldwell def. Saddoris, 13-2.

Final: Caldwell def. Metcalf, 11-6.



Second round: Grajales def. Hickman, 10-5.

Third round: Jauregui def. Jenkins, 10-1; Gillespie def. Stabile, 3-2; Roberts def. Balum, 6-5; Grajales def. Polkowske, 11-2; Chamberlain def. Cathell, 9-3; Meagher def. Yates (medical forfeit); Kittleson def. Waddell, 2-1 (tiebreaker); LeValley def. Sanders, 10-1.

Fourth round: Chinn def. Jauregui, 6-4; Mueller def. Gillespie, 8-4; Barnes def. Roberts, 14-3; Grajales def. Kyler, 3-2; Borshoff def. Chamberlain, 3-2; Fittery def. Meagher, 7-4; Green def. Kittleson, 9-5; Brown def. LeValley, 4-1.

Fifth round: Mueller pinned Chinn, 0:44; Barnes def. Grajales, 11-3; Borshoff pinned Fittery, 5:49; Brown def. Green, 5-4.

Sixth round: Patacsil def. Mueller, 9-2; Barnes def. Gillespie, 7-5; Borshoff def. Terry, 7-2; Ruschell def. Brown, 9-8.

Quarterfinals: Patacsil def. Barnes, 10-2; Ruschell def. Borshoff, 4-0.

Semifinals: Palmer def. Patacsil, 8-7; Ruschell def. Saddoris, 6-4 (sudden victory).

Third place: Ruschell def. Palmer, 5-4.

Fifth place: Patacsil def. Saddoris, 6-4 (sudden victory).

Seventh place: Borshoff def. Barnes, 9-1.


157-pound class

Main bracket

First round: Adam Hall, Boise St., def. Matt Dragon, Penn, 8-5.

Second round: Jordan Burroughs, Nebraska, def. Hadley Harrison, Clarion, 23-7 (technical fall, 7:00); Colton Salazar, Purdue, def. Chad Terry, Oklahoma, 5-2; Cyler Sanderson, Iowa St., pinned Bryan Deutsch, Northern Ill., 4:46; Hall def. Anthony Jones, Michigan St., 9-7; J.P. O’Connor, Harvard, def. Michael Kessler, Rider, 4-1; Robert Erisman, Oklahoma St., def. Justin Gaethje, Northern Colo., 8-3; Jason Welch, Northwestern, def. Jedd Moore, Virginia, 3-2; Gregor Gillespie, Edinboro, def. Shaun Smith, Liberty, 16-0 (technical fall, 6:22); Jordan Leen, Cornell, def. Kody Hamrah, North Carolina St., 11-6; Thomas Scotton, North Carolina, def. Aaron Hynes, Michigan, 6-1; Chase Pami, Cal Poly, def. Jesse Dong, Virginia Tech, 5-2 (tiebreaker); Michael Chandler, Missouri, def. Kurt Kinser, Indiana, 4-3; Matt Moley, Bloomsburg, pinned Jason Johnstone, Ohio St., 6:51; Tyler Safratowich, Minnesota, def. Scott Winston, Rutgers, 5-2; Joseph Knox, Chattanooga, def. Jonny Bonilla-Bowman, Hofstra, 15-12; Michael Poeta, Illinois, def. Ryan Goodman, West Virginia, 14-5.

Third round: Burroughs pinned Salazar, 2:27; Sanderson def. Hall, 4-3; O’Connor def. Erisman, 7-6; Gillespie def. Welch, 3-2; Leen def. Scotton, 5-2; Chandler def. Pami, 6-0; Safratowich, def. Moley, 7-4; Poeta def. Knox, 16-6.

Quarterfinals: Burroughs def. Sanderson, 14-6; Gillespie def. O’Connor, 1-0; Leen def. Chandler, 4-2; Poeta def. Safratowich, 10-5.

Semifinals: Burroughs def. Gillespie, 12-4; Poeta def. Leen, 6-4.

Final: Burroughs def. Poeta, 5-1.



Second round: Johnstone def. Dragon, 11-8.

Third round: Bonilla-Bowman def. Goodman, 18-10; Winston def. Johnstone, 10-3; Kinser def. Dong, 10-2; Hynes def. Hamrah, 14-12; Moore def. Smith, 4-1; Kessler def. Gaethje, 11-6; Deutsch pinned Jones, 1:11; Terry def. Harrison, 3-0.

Fourth round: Bonilla-Bowman def. Erisman, 11-8; Welch def. Winston, 9-1; Salazar def. Kinser, 3-2; Hall def. Hynes, 7-3; Moley def. Moore, 11-1; Knox def. Kessler, 4-2; Scotton def. Deutsch, 15-5; Pami def. Terry, 4-1.

Fifth round: Bonilla-Bowman def. Welch, 12-3; Hall def. Salazar, 6-3; Moley def. Knox, 6-1; Pami def. Scotton, 7-4 (tiebreaker).

Sixth round: Chandler def. Bonilla-Bowman, 6-5; Safratowich def. Hall, 6-4; Moley def. Sanderson, 5-2; Pami def. O’Connor, 2-1.

Quarterfinals: Chandler def. Safratowich, 13-5; Moley def. Pami, 8-3.

Semifinals: Gillespie def. Chandler, 10-2; Leen def. Moley, 3-1.

Third place: Leen def. Gillespie, 4-0.

Fifth place: Chandler def. Moley, 2-1.

Seventh place: Pami def. Safratowich, 4-2 (sudden victory).


165-pound class

Main bracket

First round: Chris Brown, Old Dominion, def. Justin Zeerip, Michigan, 4-0.

Second round: Ryan Patrovich, Hofstra, def. Mack Lewnes, Cornell, 5-3; Keegan Mueller, North Carolina, def. Luke Manuel, Purdue, 10-4; Dan Vallimont, Penn St., def. Brandon Mason, Oklahoma St., 8-6 (sudden victory); Jonathan Reader, Iowa St., def. Ethan Headlee, Pittsburgh, 10-2; Nick Amuchastegui, Stanford, def. Nick Marable, Missouri, 5-2; Jarrod King, Edinboro, pinned Rex Kendle, Michigan St., 1:04; Tyler Sherfey, Boise St., def. Paul Young, Indiana, 3-1; Moza Fay, UNI, pinned Keegan Davis, Oregon St., 1:00; Ryan Morningstar, Iowa, def. Donald Jones, West Virginia, 7-5 (sudden victory); Jason Lapham, Rider, def. Jeremy Brooks, Millersville, 5-4; Trevor Stewart, Central Mich., def. Matt Pletcher, Rutgers, 4-0; Colt Sponseller, Ohio St., def. William Garvin, Chattanooga, 12-3; Stephen Dwyer, Nebraska, def. Mike Galante, Lehigh, 6-1; Andrew Rendos, Bucknell, def. Brown, 2-0; Rick Schmelyun, Bloomsburg, def. Roger Smith-Bergsrud, Illinois, 6-3; Andrew Howe, Wisconsin, def. Ryan Smith, Oklahoma, 4-0.

Third round: Patrovich def. Mueller, 6-4; Reader def. Vallimont, 11-3; King def. Amuchastegui, 5-1; Fay def. Sherfey, 10-3; Morningstar def. Lapham, 2-0; Sponseller def. Stewart, 3-1; Rendos def. Dwyer, 5-2; Howe def. Schmelyun, 7-3.

Quarterfinals: Reader def. Patrovich, 5-2; King def. Fay, 12-5; Morningstar def. Sponseller, 4-2 (sudden victory); Howe def. Rendos, 7-3.

Semifinals: King def. Reader, 6-6 (tiebreaker); Howe def. Morningstar, 2-1 (tiebreaker).

Final: King def. Howe, 3-2.



Second round: Mason def. Zeerip, 3-0.

Third round: Smith-Bergsrud def. Smith, 2-0; Galante def. Brown, 5-3; Garvin def. Pletcher, 6-4; Jones def. Brooks, 13-6; Davis def. Young, 3-1 (sudden victory); Marable def. Kendle, 6-1; Headlee def. Mason, 3-1 (sudden victory); Manuel def. Lewnes, 3-1.

Fourth round: Smith-Bergsrud def. Amuchastegui, 6-5; Sherfey def. Galante, 4-2; Garvin def. Mueller, 8-4; Vallimont def. Jones, 8-6; Dwyer def. Davis, 7-2; Marable def. Schmelyun, 4-1; Headlee def. Lapham, 4-2; Stewart def. Manuel, 4-0.

Fifth round: Sherfey def. Smith-Bergsrud, 12-3; Vallimont def. Garvin, 10-5; Marable def. Dwyer, 7-5 (tiebreaker); Stewart def. Headlee, 4-3.

Sixth round: Sherfey def. Sponseller, 2-0; Rendos def. Vallimont, 5-3; Marable def. Patrovich, 3-2; Fay pinned Stewart, 4:08.

Quarterfinals: Rendos def. Sherfey, 11-2; Fay def. Marable, 4-2.

Semifinals: Reader def. Rendos, 7-4; Morningstar def. Fay, 5-3 (sudden victory).

Third place: Morningstar def. Reader, 7-5 (sudden victory).

Fifth place: Rendos def. Fay, 9-6.

Seventh place: Marable def. Sherfey, 6-4.


174-pound class

Main bracket

First round: Nate Rock, Buffalo, def. Anthony Trongone, Virginia Tech, 2-1.

Second round: Steve Luke, Michigan, def. Justin Herbert, Frank. & Marsh., 11-0; Luke Rebertus, Navy, def. Ian Hinton, Michigan St., 6-2; Newly McSpadden, Oklahoma St., def. David Rella, Ohio St., 3-0; Christopher Henrich, Virginia, pinned Shane Smith, Millersville, 4:17; Raymond Jordan, Missouri, def. Shane Riccio, Bucknell, 11-3; Ryan Burk, Iowa St., def. Alton Lucas, Hofstra, 7-6; Trevor Perry, Indiana, pinned Hunter Meys, Boston U., 0:17; Jay Borschel, Iowa, def. Shane Onufer, Wyoming, 13-1; Brandon Browne, Nebraska, def. Eric Decker, Old Dominion, 12-4; Nathan Lee, Boise St., def. Rock, 14-4; Quentin Wright, Penn St., pinned Byron Sigmon, UNC Greensboro, 1:17; Steve Anceravage, Cornell, def. Jeff James, Oklahoma, 8-6; Mike Miller, Central Mich., def. Bagna Tovuujav, George Mason, 7-5; Scott Giffin, Penn, def. Kurt Brenner, West Virginia, 6-3; John Dergo, Illinois, def. Alex Caruso, Lehigh, 3-1; Michael Cannon, American, def. Jason McCroskey, Chattanooga, 12-1.

Third round: Luke def. Rebertus, 6-0; Henrich def. McSpadden, 5-2; Jordan def. Burk, 12-4; Borschel def. Perry, 8-2; Browne def. Lee, 9-6; Wright def. Anceravage, 8-6; Miller def. Giffin, 4-1; Cannon def. Dergo, 6-3.

Quarterfinals: Luke def. Henrich, 9-4; Jordan def. Borschel, 3-2; Browne def. Wright, 4-1; Miller def. Cannon, 6-5.

Semifinals: Luke def. Jordan, 4-2 (tiebreaker); Miller def. Browne, 7-3.

Final: Luke def. Miller, 8-4.



Second round: Trongone def. Meys, 8-5.

Third round: Caruso def. McCroskey, 6-3; Brenner def. Tovuujav, 3-2; James def. Sigmon, 9-1; Decker def. Rock, 4-1; Onufer def. Trongone, 7-2; Riccio def. Lucas, 2-0; Rella def. Smith, 20-6; Hinton def. Herbert, 6-2.

Fourth round: Burk def. Caruso, 7-6; Perry def. Brenner, 5-4 (tiebreaker); Rebertus def. James, 7-5; McSpadden def. Decker, 4-1; Onufer def. Giffin, 5-3; Dergo def. Riccio, 10-2; Lee def. Rella, 8-2; Anceravage def. Hinton, 10-2.

Fifth round: Perry def. Burk, 12-4; McSpadden def. Rebertus, 5-3; Dergo def. Onufer, 5-3; Anceravage def. Lee, 11-7.

Sixth round: Wright def. Perry, 4-3; Cannon def. McSpadden, 4-1; Henrich def. Dergo, 6-1; Anceravage pinned Borschel, 1:54.

Quarterfinals: Wright def. Cannon, 10-6; Anceravage pinned Henrich, 4:10.

Semifinals: Jordan def. Wright, 4-2; Browne pinned Anceravage, 7:18 (sudden victory).

Third place: Jordan def. Browne, 4-0.

Fifth place: Anceravage def. Wright, 13-3.

Seventh place: Henrich def. Cannon, 13-3.


184-pound class

Main bracket

First round: Vincenzo DiDona, Central Mich., def. Justin Kerber, Cornell, 9-2.

Second round: Jake Herbert, Northwestern, pinned John Barone, Duke, 0:53; Alex Dolly, UNI, pinned Eric Cameron, Indiana, 2:35; Joe LeBlanc, Wyoming, def. Jordan Blanton, Illinois, 12-7; David Craig, def. Rocco Caponi, Virginia, 3-1; A.J. Kissel, Purdue, def. Dustin Kilgore, Kent St., 8-6; Vince Jones, Nebraska, pinned Riley Orozco, Cal St. Bakersfield, 4:15; DiDona def. Dorian Henderson, Missouri, 8-1; Kirk Smith, Boise St., def. Jerome Ward, Iowa St., 3-1; Mike Pucillo, Ohio St., def. Matthew Gevelinger, Brown, 17-2 (technical fall, 4:54); Thomas Spellman, Virginia Tech, def. Christopher McNeil, Oklahoma St., 3-1 (sudden victory); Louis Caputo, Harvard, def. Anthony Biondo, Michigan, 13-4; Joshua Patterson, Binghampton, pinned Mikal McKee, UNC Greensboro, 1:49; Doug Umbehauer, Rider, def. David Thompson, Bucknell, 10-1; Christopher Honeycutt, Edinboro, def. Christopher Daggett, Liberty, 13-5; Patrick Flynn, Oklahoma, pinned Kenneth Caldwell, Navy, 0:37; Philip Keddy, Iowa, pinned Mickey Moran, Buffalo, 2:28.

Third round: Herbert def. Dolly, 8-0; LeBlanc def. Craig, 11-3; Jones def. Kissel, 11-3; Smith def. DiDona, 4-0; Pucillo def. Spellman, 6-0; Caputo def. Patterson, 6-3; Umbehauer def. Honeycutt, 5-1; Keddy def. Flynn, 7-2.

Quarterfinals: Herbert def. LeBlanc, 18-5; Jones def. Smith, 2-1; Pucillo def. Caputo, 4-1; Umbehauer def. Keddy, 8-4 (tiebreaker).

Semifinals: Herbert def. Jones, 11-1; Pucillo def. Umbehauer, 3-2.

Final: Herbert def. Pucillo, 6-3.



Second round: McNeil def. Kerber, 5-2.

Third round: Caldwell def. Moran, 7-6; Thompson def. Daggett, 6-2; McKee def. Biondo, 11-4; McNeil def. Gevelinger, 14-6; Ward def. Henderson, 6-1; Kilgore def. Orozco, 16-1 (technical fall, 6:41); Caponi def. Blanton, 13-1; Cameron pinned Barone, 0:50.

Fourth round: Kissel pinned Caldwell, 2:36; DiDona def. Thompson, 3-0; Dolly def. McKee, 9-4; Craig def. McNeil, 1-0; Honeycutt def. Ward, 3-2; Kilgore def. Flynn, 9-5; Caponi def. Spellman, 1-0; Patterson pinned Cameron, 1:02.

Fifth round: Kissel def. DiDona, 6-0; Dolly def. Craig, 6-5; Honeycutt def. Kilgore, 8-6; Patterson def. Caponi, 5-2.

Sixth round: Caputo def. Kissel, 2-1; Keddy def. Dolly, 10-2; LeBlanc def. Honeycutt, 7-2; Patterson def. Smith, 6-3.

Quarterfinals: Keddy def. Caputo, 2-0; LeBlanc pinned Patterson, 2:30.

Semifinals: Keddy def. Jones, 6-1; Umbehauer def. LeBlanc, 13-11 (sudden victory).

Third place: Umbehauer def. Keddy, 5-3.

Fifth place: LeBlanc def. Jones, 9-2.

Seventh place: Patterson def. Caputo, 4-2.


197-pound class

Main bracket

First round: Craig Brester, Nebraska, def. Charles Silber, American, 16-3.

Second round: Brester def. Joe Fagiano, Hofstra, 10-3; Jesse Strawn, Old Dominion, def. Dennis Drury, North Carolina, 11-4; Cayle Byers, George Mason, def. John McClure, Eastern Mich., 11-3; Clayton Foster, Oklahoma St., def. Chad Beatty, Iowa, 8-5; Jon Oplinger, Drexel, def. Dallas Herbst, Wisconsin, 7-5 (sudden victory); Eric Chine, Kent St., def. Brent Jones, Virginia, 7-6; Eric Lapotsky, Oklahoma, def. Patrick Bradshaw, Edinboro, 4-3; Tyrel Todd, Michigan, def. Tyler Sorenson, South Dakota St., 8-4; Brent Chriswell, Boise St., def. Patrick Bond, Illinois, 9-2; Luke Feist, Stanford, def. John Hall, Boston U., 6-1; Cam Simaz, Cornell, def. Andrew Anderson, UNI, 5-3; Maxwell Askren, Missouri, def. Raymond Bennet, Millersville, 7-2; Brandon Halsey, Cal St. Bakersfield, def. James Hamel, Buffalo, 8-3; Hudson Taylor, Maryland, pinned Andrew Delaney, Citadel, 1:32; Logan Brown, Purdue, def. Dan Tulley, Duke, 5-2; Jake Varner, Iowa St., def. Daniel Bruce, Virginia Tech, 17-2 (technical fall, 7:00).

Third round: Brester def. Strawn, 14-5; Byers def. Foster, 4-4 (tiebreaker); Oplinger def. Chine, 9-8; Todd def. Lapotsky, 3-1; Chriswell def. Feist, 8-4; Askren def. Simaz, 5-1; Halsey pinned Taylor, 0:40; Varner def. Brown, 11-0.

Quarterfinals: Brester def. Byers, 2-0; Todd def. Oplinger, 8-0; Askren def. Chriswell, 3-0; Varner def. Halsey, 3-1.

Semifinals: Brester def. Todd, 7-2; Varner def. Askren, 8-3.

Final: Varner def. Brester, 2-1.



Second round: Silber def. Bruce, 10-4.

Third round: Silber def. Tulley, 4-2; Hamel def. Delaney, 14-3; Anderson def. Bennet, 10-4; Bond def. Hall, 3-2; Bradshaw def. Sorenson, 6-4; Herbst pinned Jones, 1:11; Beatty def. McClure, 10-4; Fagiano def. Drury, 11-10.

Fourth round: Chine def. Sibler, 10-5; Lapotsky pinned Hamel, 4:16; Strawn def. Anderson, 6-1; Foster def. Bond, 10-1; Taylor pinned Bradshaw, 1:21; Herbst pinned Brown, 1:52; Feist def. Beatty, 3-1 (sudden victory); Simaz def. Fagiano, 8-3.

Fifth round: Lapotsky def. Chine, 6-2; Strawn pinned Foster, 6:02; Taylor def. Herbst, 2-0; Simaz def. Feist, 14-4.

Sixth round: Chriswell def. Lapotsky, 3-2; Halsey def. Strawn, 14-3; Taylor def. Byers, 8-7; Simaz def. Oplinger, 13-7.

Quarterfinals:  Chriswell def. Halsey, 3-2; Taylor pinned Simaz, 2:45.

Semifinals: Todd def. Chriswell, 8-3; Taylor def. Askren, 8-0.

Third place: Taylor def. Todd, 11-4.

Fifth place: Askren def. Chriswell, 3-0.

Seventh place: Halsey def. Simaz, 14-4.


Heavyweight class

Main bracket

First round: Nathan Everhart, Indiana, def. Trey McLean, Penn, 11-5.

Second round: David Zabriskie, Iowa St., def. Christopher Birchler, East Stroudsburg, 6-4 (sudden victory); Dustin Rogers, West Virginia, def. Zach Hammond, Cornell, 12-2; John Wise, Illinois, def. Ricardo Alcala, UC Davis, 9-5; Kyle Massey, Wisconsin, def. Tucker Lane, Nebraska, 4-3 (tiebreaker); Konrad Dudziak, Duke, def. Josh Wine, VMI, 4-1; Jarod Trice, Central Mich., def. Christian Brantley, UNI, 3-2; Dominick Russo, Rutgers, pinned David Marone, Virginia Tech, 4:48; Jared Rosholt, Oklahoma St., def. Clayton Jack, Oregon St., 9-3; Jermail Porter, Kent St., def. Eddie Bordas, Rider, 8-1; Justin Dobies, North Carolina, def. Corey Morrison, Ohio St., 3-1 (sudden victory); Zachery Rey, Leigh, pinned Dustin Porter, Gardner-Webb, 0:40; Mitchell Monteiro, Cal St. Bakersfield, def. Joe Fendone, Edinboro, 2-1; Daniel Erekson, Iowa, pinned Nathan Fernandez, Oklahoma, 1:48; Benjamin Berhow, Minnesota, def. Ryan Flores, Columbia, 8-4; Rashard Goff, Cleveland St., def. Everhart, 4-1; Mark Ellis, Missouri, def. Zach Sheaffer, Pittsburgh, 2-1.

Third round: Zabriskie def. Rogers, 9-8; Wise def. Massey, 6-5; Dudziak def. Trice, 3-1; Rosholt def. Russo, 8-6; Porter pinned Dobies, 3:47; Rey def. Monteiro, 4-2 (sudden victory); Erekson def. Berhow, 10-4; Ellis def. Goff, 3-2.

Quarterfinals: Zabriskie def. Wise, 3-2; Dudziak def. Rosholt, 4-2 (sudden victory); Porter def. Rey, 4-3; Ellis def. Erekson, 6-5.

Semifinals: Dudziak def. Zabriskie, 3-2; Ellis def. Porter, 5-3.

Final: Ellis def. Dudziak, 3-2 (tiebreaker).



Second round: Hammond def. McLean, 3-1.

Third round: Sheaffer def. Everhart, 7-1; Fernandez def. Flores, 8-7; Fendone pinned Porter, 2:04; Morrison def. Bordas, 2-1; Marone def. Jack, 10-2; Brantley def. Wine, 15-7; Lane def. Alcala, 6-0; Birchler def. Hammond, 4-1.

Fourth round: Sheaffer def. Trice, 2-1 (tiebreaker); Russo def. Fernandez, 8-4; Fendone pinned Rogers, 1:22; Massey def. Morrison, 2-0; Marone def. Berhow, 6-4; Goff def. Brantley, 6-1; Lane def. Dobies, 4-2 (sudden victory); Birchler def. Monteiro, 5-4.

Fifth round: Sheaffer pinned Russo, 2:39; Fendone pinned Massey, 3:52; Marone def. Goff, 7-4; Birchler def. Lane, 4-3.

Sixth round: Sheaffer def. Rey, 2-1 (tiebreaker); Erekson def. Fendone, 8-6 (sudden victory); Wise def. Marone, 5-2; Rosholt def. Birchler, 3-1 (sudden victory).

Quarterfinals: Erekson def. Sheaffer (by default); Rosholt def. Wise, 7-5.

Semifinals: Erekson pinned Zabriskie, 1:31; Rosholt def. Porter, 3-1.

Third place: Rosholt def. Erekson, 6-4.

Fifth place: Zabriskie def. Porter, 4-2.

Seventh place: Wise def. Sheaffer (medical forfeit).

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