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NCAA Division I Women's and Men's Basketball Committees Announce Regular Release of Ratings Percentage Indexes

For Immediate Release

Monday, January 23, 2006

Dave Worlock
Associate Director for Division I Men’s Basketball Championship

Rick Nixon
Associate Director for Division I Women’s Basketball Championship

INDIANAPOLIS---The NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Basketball Committees announced that they will make public for the first time the official Ratings Percentage Index (RPI) for their respective championships.  The official RPI is used as one of many tools to select teams to participate in the championships. The first official RPI rankings are scheduled for release on Thursday, February 2 and will include all games played through Monday, January 30. Through the end of the season, the updated RPI rankings will be found at

“One of the committees’ primary objectives over the last few years has been to increase the transparency and understanding regarding the process of selecting teams for the tournament,” said Craig Littlepage, director of athletics at the University of Virginia and chair of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Committee. “While the official RPI is a part of the evaluation process, it is the subjective opinions formed by committee members after countless hours of observation and discussion which are central in the selection, seeding and bracketing process. Still, we think that announcing the results of the RPI ranking on a weekly basis has its benefits.”

The RPI, developed in 1981 to provide supplemental data in the evaluation of teams for at-large selection and seeding of the championship bracket is only one of many pieces of information available to the committees. Qualitative factors such as games missed by student-athletes or coaches and a team’s performance in the latter portion of the season cannot be reliably measured by a statistical model. However, such factors are among the details of each team considered by the committees.

With most of the 31 conferences that receive automatic bids to the men’s and women’s championship beginning league play in early January, the committees decided that releasing the RPIs later in the month would make for a more meaningful reflection of each team’s season.

“We chose this point of the season to release the RPI because the composition of each team’s schedule is comprised of a blend of non-conference and conference games,” said Joni Comstock, director of athletics at American University and chair of the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Committee. “Making the RPI ranking public is a new concept; but what isn’t changing is our commitment to select the best at-large teams available and constructing a balanced bracket for our championships. The RPI is just one part of that process.”

To find information on how selection weekend works for the Women’s Championship, visit

To find information on how selection weekend works for the Men’s Championship, visit


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