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NCAA Launches Latest Public Service Announcements, Introduces New Student-Focused Website

For Immediate Release

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Erik Christianson
Director of Public
and Media Relations

Hollie Geren


INDIANAPOLIS --- The NCAA today launches its latest public service announcements and a new student-focused website as part of its national branding campaign, created by the San Francisco office of Y&R.

The campaign includes three television PSAs with the tagline, “There are over 380,000 student athletes, and most of us go pro in something other than sports.” It specifically targets potential NCAA student-athletes and their parents. The campaign will be broadcast during NCAA championships throughout the calendar year, including the Division I men’s and women’s basketball tournaments.

“Many people are familiar with those relatively few student-athletes who excel athletically and are fortunate enough to go onto professional careers in their respective sport,” said Dennis Cryder, NCAA senior vice-president for branding and communications. “But many people do not realize the profound positive effects that college sports have on the vast majority of student-athletes who go on to pursue careers in something other than sports.”

“There are also many intangible qualities student-athletes gain from their NCAA experience that stay with them throughout their lives,” added Penny Baldwin, managing director of Y&R San Francisco, “confidence, courage, persistence—these are the things we hope come through in the advertising.”

In one television spot, a pair of fencers is seen sparring. The film is in black and white and the opponents’ movements are shown in slow motion, revealing the nuances of their parry and riposte. There are cuts of a judge looking on and a mother whose perspective is revealed in the voiceover, “Eleven years of fencing and three years of law school teach you a lot,” she says, “For him it’s confidence. For me it’s pride.” Then she continues, “Go to to find out how your child could go pro in something other than sports.” The end visual shows a young man removing his mask at the conclusion of the match.

In another spot, a group of people in recognizable professional clothes including a doctor, judge, police officer and fireman play a game of basketball. Again, the movement is captured in slow motion. The voiceover simply states the tagline, “There are over 380,000 student athletes, and most of us go pro in something other than sports.” The voiceover continues, “Go to to find out how.”

The third spot shows a group of young women at field hockey practice. In the stands, we see several people in lab coats watching the practice with field glasses. The girls’ coach sees the people in the stands and says to a player, “Looks like the med school scouts are out early today.” They both smile and a voiceover reveals the tagline and call to visit the website.

All of the spots drive people to the new NCAA website: Y&R created this highly interactive and experiential site for prospective student-athletes, their parents, and interested sports fans, to learn how the NCAA helps student-athletes go pro in something other than sports. The website conveys the necessary balance of academics and sports that is required of every student-athlete for a successful academic and athletic experience and a productive life after graduation.

The site offers visitors a fun, interactive way to learn about the NCAA and what it takes to be a successful student-athlete. Visitors are able to download the comprehensive “Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete,” and view the 2007 TV PSAs. See more at

About the NCAA
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About Y&R
Y&R is one of the world’s leading marketing communications agencies. Founded in 1923, the agency today has 165 offices in 124 cities in 81 countries around the world. Our client partners are some of the world’s most prestigious global corporations, including Cadbury Schweppes, Colgate-Palmolive, Danone, Ford Motor Company and Xerox. Hamish McLennan is Chairman and CEO.

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